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As far as "unneeded remakes" go.
This is actually pretty enjoyable.

Earl Haley tried SO hard to be the Weiter Robert England.
And, Du know what.
Earl dose a GREAT job.

Dospite what everyone says. Earl Hickey really understand the "heart" of Freddy Krueger (before he became a wise cracking, spoof of himself).

Freddy was originally a very "mysterious" character.
And Earl brought this back.

Originally. Du never understand "why" this guy is appearing in your dreams.
* Why he's chasing you.
* oder even who he is.
That's the fear.

That, and the fact Freddy is sadistic. So Du know he's gone Liebe every MOMENT of your suffering (that's what I feel still made him "creepy" in the sequels).



Who ever played Michael Myers..
I have to admit.
He scared the SHIT out of me.. Particularity in the prison escape scene, when Myers smashed that cop's face into the wall..


#3: PURGE:

I probably don't need to explain Von this point



These are the type of films Du have to see yourself, to understand what kind of films they REALLY are. Not what people CLAIM they are.
They are actually very smart films.
Not just the torture porn people think they are..



Jim Carrey is hilarious here.

Ignore Nostaglia Critic's whining of it.
This is the same guy that ripped on Signs

Doug, I Liebe Du man.
But Du when your wrong. Your VERY wrong..


#6: NUMBER 23:

Jim Carrey CAN be serious in a film.

And he's GOOD at it..

Really good actually. He didn't diserve that raspberry,
Damn Du hollywood!



It's not actually THAT bad.
And I really like those actors.
(yes, even Adam Stander sometimes).

But seriously Adam. What happened to you!!?
Your mean use to MEAN something, back in the days of Happy Gilmour..



Hey.. It's Seth Macfarlane. This guy can do ANYTHING..



Sorry Nostaglia Critic.. I like this movie.



Hey.. I laughed.. Even if it was just me, doing so :)
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I think I use to like this guy.
I certainly Liebe the voice every time I watch Youtube clips of this show. He's actually HILARIOUS..
But, as expected, ADULT PARTY took his well known insanity WAY too far. Making him a TORTURE PORN.
Quite lterary.
I mean torturing other living creatures is PORN to him. He fucking masturbates towards the misery and suffering of others in the adult party verison. That kinda speaks for itself, doesn't it?
But as I remember, even in the original. Ren wasn't excatly a "pleasant person".
We all loved him.
But still.. His villainish acts contain the following......
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#1: Jimmy Pegorino:
Jimmy is the hot headed mob boss, who orders Du to kill Ray.
And unwittingly kills Kate McReary if the player choses REVENGE.
Even though Jimmy is a complete dick.
There's something about that voice actor.
Just like there's 'something' about the voice actors of Michael Townley, Trevor Phillips, Johnny Klibitz, Niko Bellic, Rocco Poloski, Packie McReary, and even Brian.
I ironically didn't realize I liked him until I heard his dramatic scream at Niko, at the wedding, witch lead to Kate's tragic death.
I don't know enough, to say rather not this was bad aim not.
But either way. He's still here on the list..

#2: Max Payne 3: New Jersey Mob:
This one, I REALLY don't understand why I like them.
But none the less.
Their are times when I stand behind cover listening to the extended dialogue between them. and all the threats and taunts they scream at me..

#3: ........

Huh.. Guess there's only two actually..

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It's no secret that Sharks are dangerous.
But they aren't the bloodthirsty monsters that the media protrays them as.

The rare times that sharks ever killed a human isn't done purposely. They don't like the taste of man flesh, and they attacked cause they were curious, oder mistook us for a seal.
There is no proof that sharks have actually EATEN their victims, and the cause of death is actually from blood loss.

Sharks are quite a bit Mehr intelligent than most people give them credit for, and often avoid prey as unfamiliar as humans. Predation Von sharks is of great importance to the...
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Glenn: Remember, noise attracts them, s-
Daryl: (bangs his head and starts swearing at the oben, nach oben of his lungs, along with making every noise possible)

Rick: So.. Your telling me. I awoke from a coma, only to end up in the middle of zombie apolocpise!?
Morgan: That's about the size of it.
Morgan: Hey! No swearing in front of my boy!
Rick: Fuck that! He's just gonna end up dead anyway. And Du gone crazy.
Morgan: Still.. Don't fuckin swear!
Rick: Fiiiiiine.

Shane: (in Rick's coma) Von the way. I'm gonna start a Zufällig relationship with your, not even hot, wife.. And...
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#1: KIRILL (John Wick):
John Wick probably thought Kirill would just be another body for his kill count. But Krill single handedly OWNS John.
Yeah.. Mr Wick (a mix of Chuck Norris and Max Payne) gets his arsch handed to him..

#2: BADD (Kill Bill):
The character known as THE BRIDE, is known as the world's deadliest woman soldier. And she sneaks upto kill Budd, who was on her kill list, not knowing Budd was expecting her. And when she bursts though the front door, hoping to catch him off guard, she herself is the one caught off guard, Budd shoots the Bride, without needing to do very much, just sit...
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