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posted by bubblegum05
It started in Grade 6 when Duncan and Courtney first spoke to each other.They had already met before,but this was the first conversation ever.
Courtney's ponytail was fluttering in the wind as she kicked a black and white Fußball ball.It had gone far,and she was just about to run to first base.Then,a guy with black hair and a green mohawk came trotting along.

"Hey,what's up guys?" sagte his friend,Trent who Courtney already knew."Nothing much" sagte Gwen,as they walked onto the diamond."Really?It seems to me your playing kick ball.We're playing.Cool?"said the guy with the green hair."No, not cool."said Courtney, secretly blushing.",You didn't even ask!""Well,then.I don't think we met before,princess." he said,sounding as innocent as can be.

"My name is Courtney.And Du are?" she said,holding back her emotcions of Liebe and anger."I'm Duncan."

Running,running.I could feel my jeans close tightly around my legs as i tried to escape from the feeling.The rain was coming down hard and cold,just like them.But i couldn't out run the feeling.Chills sneaked up my back as i tried hard not to think about all my pain,and all my thoughts that were causing my head to nearly explode.Then i heard the thing that scared me the most.Shrieks.Pure blood-curdling screeches that made me stop.My eyes widened as i heard foot steps.My head pounding as i heard someone folowing me.I turn around and....

My scream could be...
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