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neon nae hanappunin taeyang sesange ttak hana
neol hyanghae pieojiman nan jakku mokmalla
neomu neujeosseo neujeosseo neo eopsi sal sun eopseo
gajiga mallado deo himkkeot soneul ppeodeo

son ppeodeobwaja geumse kkaebeoril kkum kkum kkum
michil deut dallyeodo tto jejariil ppun ppun ppun
geunyang nal taewojwo geurae deo milchyeonaejwo
igeon sarange michin meongcheongiui ttwimbakjil

deo ttwige haejwo
nareul deo ttwige haejwo
du bare sangcheoman gadeukhaedo
ni eolgulman bomyeon uneun nanikka

dasi Run Run Run nan meomchul suga eopseo
tto Run Run Run nan eojjeol suga eopseo
eochapi igeobakke nan motae
neoreul saranghaneun...
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posted by Stelenavamp















[Verse 1: V]
The moment I noticed myself
I had to leave
I had to find out
All Tag all night

[Verse 2: Jimin]
Across the desert and the sea
This wide, wide world
I was wandering
Baby I

[Refrain: Jungkook]
I could make it better
I could hold Du tighter
On that long road
Oh you're the light

[Verse 4: V]
The only one who recognized me

[Pre-Chorus: Jungkook, Jin, Jimin]
This eternal night with no end in sight
It's Du who gifted me the morning
Now it it ok if I can hold that hand?
Oh oh
I can make it right

[Chorus: Jungkook, Jimin]
All right
All right
Oh I can make it right

[Chorus: Jungkook, Jimin, V]
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[Verse 1: V]
내가 날 눈치챘던 순간
떠나야만 했어
난 찾아내야 했어
All Tag all night

[Verse 2: Jimin]
사막과 바다들을 건너
넓고 넓은 세계를
헤매어 다녔어
Baby I

[Refrain: Jungkook]
I could make it better
I could hold Du tighter
그 먼 길 위에서
Oh you’re the light

[Verse 4: V]
초대받지 못한
환영받지 못한
나를 알아줬던 단 한 사람

[Pre-Chorus: Jungkook, Jin, Jimin]
끝도 보이지 않던 영원의 밤
내게 아침을 선물한 건 너야
이제 그 손 내가 잡아도 될까
Oh oh
I can make it right

[Chorus: Jungkook, Jimin]
All right
All right...
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posted by k-on1998
[Verse 1: V, Jungkook]
Mangseorindaneun geol ara jinsimeul malhaedo
Gyeolguk da hyungteodeullo doraonikka
Himeul naeran ppeonhan mareun haji aneul geoya
Nan nae yaegil deullyeojulge deullyeojulge

[Verse 2: RM]
Naega mworaesseo
Igil georaetjana
Mitji mothaesseo (jeongmal)
Igil su isseulkka
I gijeok anin gijeogeul
Uriga mandeun geolkka
(No) nan yeogi isseotgo
Niga naege dagawajun geoya
I do believe your galaxy
Deutgo sipeo neoui mellodi
Neoui eunhasuui byeoldeureun
Neoui haneureul gwayeon eotteoke sunoeulji
Naui jeolmang kkeute
Gyeolguk naega neol chajasseumeul itjima
Neon jeolbyeok kkeute seo itdeon
Nae majimak...
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posted by GDragon612
[Intro: Jungkook]
'Cause I, I, I'm in the stars tonight
So watch me bring the feuer and set the night alight

[Verse 1: Jungkook]
Shoes on, get up in the morn'
Cup of milk, let's rock and roll
King Kong, kick the drum
Rolling on like a Rolling Stone
Sing song when I'm walking home
Jump up to the top, LeBron
Ding-dong, call me on my phone
Ice tee and a game of ping pong

[Pre-Chorus: RM, j-hope]
This is getting heavy, can Du hear the bass boom? I'm ready (Woo-hoo)
Life is sweet as honey, yeah, this beat cha-ching like money, huh
Disco overload, I'm into that, I'm good to go
I'm diamond, you...
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[Jimin] Nan sumswigo sipeo I bami sireo
Ijen kkaego sipeo kkumsogi sireo
Nae ane gathyeoseo nan jugeoisseo
Don’t wanna be lonely
Just wanna be yours

I want to breathe, I hate this night
I want to wake up, I hate this dream
I’m trapped inside of myself and I’m dead
Don't wanna be lonely
Just wanna be yours

[JungKook] Wae iri kkamkkamhan geonji
Niga eoptneun I goseun
Wiheomhajanha manggajin nae moseup
Guhaejwo nal nado nal jabeul su eopseo (su eopseo)

Why is it so dark where you’re not here
It’s dangerous how wrecked I am
Save me because I can’t get a grip on myself

[V] Nae simjangsoril deureobwa
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Burning it up


When I wake up in my room I have nothing
Once the sun goes down, I stumble
So completely drunk, drunk
Cursing around on the street, street
I’m out of my mind, like an insane person
It’s all a mess, livin’ like beep

Just live how Du want Your life is yours
Don’t try so hard It’s alright to lose
Errbody say La la la la la (La la la la la)
Say la la la la la (La la la la la)
Put your hands up and shout Burn it up
Burning up

Burn it all Bow wow wow
Burn it all Bow wow wow

Hey, burn it up
Like Du want to burn it all
Hey, turn it up
Until the dawn breaks
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posted by k-on1998
Smooth like butter
Like a criminal undercover
Gon' pop like trouble
Breakin' into your herz like that

Cool shade stunner
Yeah I owe it all to my mother
Hot like summer
Yeah I'm makin' Du sweat like that
Break it down

Oh when I look in the mirror
I'll melt your herz into two
I got that superstar glow so
Do the boogie like

Side step right left to my beat (heartbeat)
High like the moon rock with me baby
Know that I got that heat

Let me Zeigen Du 'cause talk is cheap
Side step right left to my beat (heartbeat)
Get it, let it roll

Smooth like butter
Pull Du in like no other
Don't need no Usher
To remind me Du got...
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posted by k-on1998
Silidolog puleun haneul alae nun tteo
Heumppeog ssod-ajineun haes-sal-i nal eojileobge hae
Hankkeos sum-i chaoleugo simjang-eun ttwieo
Neukkyeojyeo neomu swibge na sal-aissdaneun geol

Gwaenchanh-a uliga anieodo
Seulpeum-i nal jiwodo
Meogguleum-eun tto kkigo
Na kkeut-eobsneun kkum sog-ieodo
Han-eobs-i gugyeojigo
Nalgaeneun jjijgyeojigo
Eonjenga naega naega anige doendaljieodo
Gwaenchanh-a ojig naman-i naui guwon-ijanh-a
Mosdoen geol-eumgeol-ilo jeoldae jugji anhgo sal-a
How Du doin? Im fine
Nae haneul-eun malg-a
Modeun apeumdeul-iyeo say goodbye
Jal ga

Chagaun nae simjang-eun
Neol buleuneun beob-eul ij-eossjiman...
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Du worth it Du perfect
Deserve it just work it
neon gwitina gwiti tto prettyya pretty
bichina bichi neon jilliija ichi

hoksi nuga neoreul jakku yokhae (yokhae)
Tell em you’re my lady gaseo jeonhae (jeonhae)
ttan nomdeuri mworageon i sesangi mworageon
neon naege choego neo geudaero

jeoldae jjolji mara
nuga mworaedo neon gwaenchanha (Alright)
ganghae neoneun marya
You say yes oder no yes oder no

isipsegi sonyeodeura
(Live your life, live your life,
come on baby)
isipilsegi sonyeodeura
(You don’t mind,
you don’t mind, that new lady)
malhae neoneun ganghadago
malhae neon chungbunhadago
Let Du go let Du go let...
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The world’s goin’ crazy
neon eottae how bout ya
You think it is okay?
nan jom anin geot gateo
gwiga isseodo deutjil anheo
nuni isseodo bojil anheo
da maeume mulgogiga sareo
gyae ireum selfish selfish

urin da gae dwaeji hwanaseo gae doeji
hwangsae VS baepsae jeonjaengiya errday
michin sesangi yeah
uril michige hae
geurae urin da crazy
ja sorijilleo mayday mayday

[V/JK] on sesangi da michin geot gata
[V/JK] kkeutin geot gata
[V/JK] Oh why (oh why)
[V/JK] Oh why (oh why)
[V/JK] Oh why why why why
(Oh my God)

(Am I wrong)
naega mwo teullin malhaesseo
naega mwo geojitmalhaesseo
Going crazy (michyeosseo michyeosseo)...
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ye shineun wae jakkuman
uril oerobge halkka oh no
ye sangcheotuseongiljirado
useul su isseo hamkkeramyeon
hollo geotneun i gire kkeute
mwoga itdeun bal didyeobollae
ttaeron jichigo apado
gwaenchana ni gyeochinikka
neowa na hamkkeramyeon
useul su isseunikka

nalgo shipeodo
naegen nalgaega eopji
But neoye geu soni nae nalgaega dwae
eodupgo oeroun geotteureun ijeobollae
neowa hamkke

i nalgaeneun apeumeseo dodanatjiman
bicheul hyanghan nalgaeya
himdeulgo apeudeorado
naragal su itdamyeon nal teya
deoneun duryeobji anke
nae soneul jabajullae
neowa na hamkkeramyeon
useul su isseunikkan

naega seontaekhan girigo
modu da naega...
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posted by k-on1998
Time travel icheonyuknyeonui hae
chume michyeo eomma heorittireul jollamaetji
appa bandaeedo maeil dallyeodeul ttae
aranggothaji anhgo
ttuiwojusin kkumui jogakbae
But mollatji eommaui keun botaemi
pyeolchyeo itneun jireumgil anin
bijeul jwin i kkumui gil
(Always) munjeui money eomeonin gyeolguk
(Go away) tajiro ilhareo gasyeosseo

deutneun eommaui
moksorineun seonmyeonghago
gieoknaneun geon
geuttae eommaui ganginhami naegen byeonhwagu
kkok seonggonghaeyagetdago gyeolsimhago
geu dajim hanaro
jigeumui adeullo

Hey mama
ijen naege gidaedo dwae eonjena yeope
Hey mama
naege akkimeopsi
jusyeotgie beotimmogieotgie...
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 BTS at the Magenta Carpet
BTS at the Magenta Carpet
Von Marian Liu, CNN

Updated 0019 GMT (0819 HKT) May 23, 2017

K-pop group BTS accepts oben, nach oben Social Artist onstage during the 2017 Billboard Musik Awards at T-Mobile Arena on May 21, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

(CNN) The name BTS may not be familiar to the majority of Americans, but that didn't stop the South Korean boy band from making history Sunday night, when they became the first K-pop group to clinch a Billboard Musik Award.
Beating out US Favoriten Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes, BTS scooped the oben, nach oben Social Artist award at a lavish ceremony in the T-Mobile Arena in...
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posted by k-on1998
[Intro: Jungkook]
Cuz I'll be in Liebe maze
Cuz I'll be in Liebe maze

[Verse 1: Jimin]
Seontaegui miro soge gatyeo
Makdareun hondon soge jichyeo
Urin jeongdabeul chaja hemaesseotjiman
Lost in the maze, in the darkness

[Verse 2: Jungkook]
Kkeuteopsi gireul dalligo dallyeobwado
Jeo sumaneun geojit auseongdeuri
Uril gallanoeul su isseo
Jeongmarin geol baby

[Refrain: Jimin, Jin]
Urin uriman mideoya hae
Du son nochimyeon an dwae
Yeongwonhi hamkkeyeoya hae, hae

[Verse 3: RM]
Namdeureun yaegihae
Ireom neoman babo dwae
But I don't wanna use my head
I don't wanna calculate
Love ain't a business
Rather like a fitness
Meori sseumyeo...
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ppigeodeok ppigeodeok geumi gan nae mame
sirin neoui hansumdeul
jogeumssik jogeumssik sideuneun kkotcheoreom
simjangi naeryeoanja

jugil nomui i sarang neo hana ttaeme
dachyeodo meomchujil mothae
jugeodo ojik naneun neoya
nega eopsin gaseumeul gwantonghal nunmul
tteoreojil geomeun jiokppun
naege neon geureon jonjaeya

nareul tteonagaji ma
nareul namgyeoduji ma
doraseon ne mame balgireul naege dollyeojwo
ganjeolhan neoreul wonhae moksum geon jeonbuya
heuteojyeobeorin bit sogeuro nal deryeoga jwo
jeosesang kkeutkkaji na na na na na na
It’s gonna be Du na na na na na na
It’s gonna be Du na na na na na na
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posted by k-on1998
naege malhae
neoui dalkomhan misoro naege
naege malhae
soksagideut nae gwitgae malhae
Don’t be like a prey
(Be) Smooth like a like a snake
beoseonago sipeunde

(Ah woo woo)
naegeseo tteona tteona tteonajwo
naegeseo tteona tteonajwo
(Ah woo woo)
mworado nareul nareul guhaejwo
nareul guhaejwo

gyesokdwae domangchyeobwado
geojit soge ppajyeoisseo

Caught in a lie
sungyeolhaetdeon nal chajajwo
i geojit soge heeonal su eobseo
nae useumeul dollyeonwajwo

Caught in a lie
i jiogeseo nal kkeonaejwo
i gotongeseo heeonal su eobseo
beolbanneun nareul guhaejwo

nareul wonhae
gireul irhgo hemaeineun
nareul wonhae
maeil geuraedeut na...
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posted by k-on1998
nae gieogui guseok
han kyeone jarijabeun galsaek piano
eoril jeok jip anui guseok
han kyeone jarijabeun galsaek piano

geuttae gieokhae
nae kiboda hwolssin deo keotdeon
galsaek Piano geuge nal ikkeul ttae
neol ureoreobomyeo
jageun songarageuro neol eorumanjil ttae
“I feel so nice, mom I feel so nice”
geujeo son gadeon daero geonildeon geonban
geuttaen neoui uimireul mollasseone
barabogiman haedo johatdeon geuttae

geuttae gieokhae
chodeunghakgyo muryeop
nae kiga neoui kiboda deo keojyeotdeon geuttae
geutorok donggyeonghaetdeon neol deunghansihamyeo
baegok gatdeon geonban geu wi meonjiga...
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posted by k-on1998
I know
Every life’s a movie
We got different start and stories
We got different nights and mornings
Our scenarios ain’t just boring

naneun i yeonghwaga neomu jaemisseo
maeilmaeil jal jjikgo sipeo
nan nal sseudadeumeojugo sipeo
nal sseudadeumeojugo sipeo

geunde marya gakkeum naneun naega neomuneomu miwo
sasil kkwaena jaju naneun naega neomu miwo
naega neomu miul ttae nan ttukseome wa
geunyang seo isseo, iksukhan eodumgwa

utgo itneun saramdeulgwa
nareul utge haneun beer
seulmyeosi dagawaseo naui soneul japneun fear
gwaenchanha da dulsesinikka
nado chinguga isseum johjanha

sesangeun jeolmangui tto dareun ireum...
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