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English♔—♔°❤ ❥

You’re in danger
You’re in danger
You’re in danger
You’re in danger

You treat me like this everyday
You only care about yourself like Du are just you
I am just I, that’s your kind of formula.

Does your phone work right? Really?
Am I really your boy friend? I’m sick of this!

Why are Du holding back your expression of Liebe like Du put off your homework?
Is it like a business relationship for you? oder Do Du hate me oder what?
Dung Dung Diggy Dung Dung
Please be Mehr affectionate! I pray for it again today.

We are like parallel lines. We are so different though we both...
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[Important note: The following theory and all subsequent theories/explanations for the HYYH Trilogy have been published on this site back in July 2016, so before the Wings short films were released — and confirmed all this was indeed accurate.

The HYYH Trilogy is simply a coming of age story. It tells the struggles the boys are facing while transitioning from childhood to adulthood, from being caterpillars to being Schmetterlinge (chrysalis stage). But it’s even Mehr so the story of Jin struggling with his own metamorphosis, trying to return to the “pretend world” of Neverland where he...
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24日,防弹少年团出演了“SBS 8点新闻”节目,主持人金容兑议员对其进行了采访,防弹少年团们对是以什么样的心情接受总统的特别使节的原因,认真进行了说明。


posted by GDragon612
[Intro: Jungkook]
'Cause I, I, I'm in the stars tonight
So watch me bring the feuer and set the night alight

[Verse 1: Jungkook]
Shoes on, get up in the morn'
Cup of milk, let's rock and roll
King Kong, kick the drum
Rolling on like a Rolling Stone
Sing song when I'm walking home
Jump up to the top, LeBron
Ding-dong, call me on my phone
Ice tee and a game of ping pong

[Pre-Chorus: RM, j-hope]
This is getting heavy, can Du hear the bass boom? I'm ready (Woo-hoo)
Life is sweet as honey, yeah, this beat cha-ching like money, huh
Disco overload, I'm into that, I'm good to go
I'm diamond, you...
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Yeah nuga nae sujeo deoreopdae
I don't care maikeu jabeum
Geumsujeo yeoreot pae
Beoreokhae jal mot igeun geosdeul
Seutekki yeoreo gae
Geodeuphaeseo ssibeojulge seutaui jeonyeoge
World Business haeksim
Seoboe 1sunwi maejin
Manhji anhji i class gachil mankkik
Joheun hyanggie akchwin banchik
Mic mic bungee

Mic mic bungee
Bright light jeonjin
Manghal geo gatassgessjiman I'm fine sorry
Mianhae Billboard
Mianhae worldwide
Adeuri neom jalnagaseo mianhae eomma
Daesinhaejwo niga moshan hyodo
Uri konseoteu jeoldae eopseo podo
I do it I do it neon maseopsneun rattattui
Hok baega apeudamyeon gosohae
Sue it

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posted by taylinscissors
okay so basically my friend has a crush on me, (im flattered of course) but we have been Friends for about 2 years now and i Liebe him just as a friend and i want it to stay like that, also i don't really want to get into a relationship rn, and i really don't want our relationship to get all awkward if he confesses his feelings and i reject him becasue then everything will change and we will never be able to hang out the same like we used to. he's a very funny guy, super nice and considerate, and i'm afraid of losing him because of these weird feelings. what should i do. respectfully.
posted by k-on1998
Smooth like butter
Like a criminal undercover
Gon' pop like trouble
Breakin' into your herz like that

Cool shade stunner
Yeah I owe it all to my mother
Hot like summer
Yeah I'm makin' Du sweat like that
Break it down

Oh when I look in the mirror
I'll melt your herz into two
I got that superstar glow so
Do the boogie like

Side step right left to my beat (heartbeat)
High like the moon rock with me baby
Know that I got that heat

Let me Zeigen Du 'cause talk is cheap
Side step right left to my beat (heartbeat)
Get it, let it roll

Smooth like butter
Pull Du in like no other
Don't need no Usher
To remind me Du got...
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posted by k-on1998
Somebody call me right one
Somebody call me wrong
Nan singyeong sseuji aneullae
Neodo geureom eottae
So what
Let go

Hansum geu ane maneun geokjeongi sumeoinne
Gomin geumanhae neoneun imi da algo itji
I girui junggane pogihago sipeun sungane
Deo keuge sorijilleobwa
So what what what
Nae mamdaero doeneun geon eopgo
Sumeul goseun mwo deodeouk eopseo
Imi jusawin deonjyeojin ji orae
Kkumuldaedan hwipsseullyeogagetji oh bae
Gomindeurui 9hareun niga mandeureo naen sangsangui neup
Gominboda Go Go jjoljimaryeom cheer up
Sorichyeobwa So what what

We are we are we are
Young & wild & free
Dapdo eomneun gomin gomin...
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Take me to the sky

Put your hands up to the sky
Yeah, if Du feelin’ the vibe
Uh, if you’re ready to fly
Yo J, let’s do it

eoril jeogui nal gieokhae
keun geokjeongi eopseotgie
i jageun gitteori nalgaega doel geosigo
geu nalgaero naraboge haejul georan
mideum, sinnyeom gadeuk cha isseosseo
useumsoriwa hamkke

gaji mallaneun gireul gago
haji mallaneun ireul hago
wonhaeseon an doel geol wonhago
tto sangcheobatgo, sangcheobatgo
You can call me stupid
geureom nan geunyang ssik hago utji
nan naega hagi silheun illo
seonggonghagin silheo
nan nal mireo

nan nal mideo nae deungi apeun geon
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The world’s goin’ crazy
neon eottae how bout ya
You think it is okay?
nan jom anin geot gateo
gwiga isseodo deutjil anheo
nuni isseodo bojil anheo
da maeume mulgogiga sareo
gyae ireum selfish selfish

urin da gae dwaeji hwanaseo gae doeji
hwangsae VS baepsae jeonjaengiya errday
michin sesangi yeah
uril michige hae
geurae urin da crazy
ja sorijilleo mayday mayday

[V/JK] on sesangi da michin geot gata
[V/JK] kkeutin geot gata
[V/JK] Oh why (oh why)
[V/JK] Oh why (oh why)
[V/JK] Oh why why why why
(Oh my God)

(Am I wrong)
naega mwo teullin malhaesseo
naega mwo geojitmalhaesseo
Going crazy (michyeosseo michyeosseo)...
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ye shineun wae jakkuman
uril oerobge halkka oh no
ye sangcheotuseongiljirado
useul su isseo hamkkeramyeon
hollo geotneun i gire kkeute
mwoga itdeun bal didyeobollae
ttaeron jichigo apado
gwaenchana ni gyeochinikka
neowa na hamkkeramyeon
useul su isseunikka

nalgo shipeodo
naegen nalgaega eopji
But neoye geu soni nae nalgaega dwae
eodupgo oeroun geotteureun ijeobollae
neowa hamkke

i nalgaeneun apeumeseo dodanatjiman
bicheul hyanghan nalgaeya
himdeulgo apeudeorado
naragal su itdamyeon nal teya
deoneun duryeobji anke
nae soneul jabajullae
neowa na hamkkeramyeon
useul su isseunikkan

naega seontaekhan girigo
modu da naega...
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posted by k-on1998
amugeotdo eobtdeon yeoldaseosui na
sesangeun cham keosseo neomu jageun na
ije nan sangsanghal sudo eobseo
hyanggiga eobtdeon teong bieoitdeon na na
I pray

Love Du my brother hyeongdeuri isseo
gamjeongi saenggyeosseo na naega dwaesseo
So I’m me
Now I’m me

You make me begin
You make me begin
You make me begin
(Smile with me, smile with me,
smile with me)
You make me begin
(Smile with me, smile with me)

chameul suga eobseo
ulgo inneun neo
daesin ulgo sipeo
hal sun eobjiman

You make me begin
You make me begin
You make me begin
(Cry with me, cry with me,
cry with me)
You make me begin
(Cry with me, cry with me)

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posted by k-on1998
I tell Du something
geujeo mudeodugien
ijen beotil suga eobneun geol
wae geuttaen mal mot haenneunji
eochapi apawaseo
jeongmal beotil suga eobseul geol

Now cry
neoege neomu mianhal ppunya
tto cry neol jikyeojuji mothaeseo

deo gipi deo gipi sangcheoman gipeojyeo
doedollil su eobneun kkaejin yuri jogak gata
deo gipi maeiri gaseumman apajyeo
nae joereul daesin baddeon
yeonyakhagiman haetdeon neo

geuman ulgo tell me something
yonggi eobtdeon naege malhaebwa
“geu ttae nahante wae geuraesseo?”

dwaesseo naege museun jagyeok isseo
iraeborago jeoraeborago
neoege malhagesseo

deo gipi deo gipi...
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[Jimin] Nan sumswigo sipeo I bami sireo
Ijen kkaego sipeo kkumsogi sireo
Nae ane gathyeoseo nan jugeoisseo
Don’t wanna be lonely
Just wanna be yours

I want to breathe, I hate this night
I want to wake up, I hate this dream
I’m trapped inside of myself and I’m dead
Don't wanna be lonely
Just wanna be yours

[JungKook] Wae iri kkamkkamhan geonji
Niga eoptneun I goseun
Wiheomhajanha manggajin nae moseup
Guhaejwo nal nado nal jabeul su eopseo (su eopseo)

Why is it so dark where you’re not here
It’s dangerous how wrecked I am
Save me because I can’t get a grip on myself

[V] Nae simjangsoril deureobwa
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posted by GDragon612
Welcome, first time to BTS?

Ayo ladies & gentleman
If you’re ready, we’ll sing, yeah!
Unlike the other guys
My style, ma ma ma my style, ayo!

I worked all night everyday
When Du were out clubbing, yeah
Don’t be surprised but listen, everyday
I got a feel, I got a feel
I’m kinda dope!

We’re drenched, drenched, drenched in sweat, in our practice room
Look, my great, great, great dance moves prove it all
All the weak, loser, whiny idiots
They have nothing on me cuz I’m full of hope haha

Okay, we’re dope from head to toe
Over half of the day, we drown in work
Even if our youth rots in the studio...
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English~~~♔—♔°❤ ❥

thank Du (so much) for existing
give me a call, I will buy your a meal
ah I think I’ve gone crazy cough cough
by the way girls dress, all showy showy
(So much) thank you! Du made my eyesight better
(natural lasik) no need for paying
I’ll be in panic I’ll be a fan
and I’ll be a man of Du Du Du Du babe

my eyes keep rolling, over this girls tummy (yup)
girls are equations us men are the sum (yup)
I lose sweat, somehow we can’t be equal
wear it Mehr often, high heel
I’m eighteen, I know what I need to know
that being a woman is the best thing in the world
yes I’m...
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posted by k-on1998
[Verse 1: RM]
Ibyeoreun naege tieo
Nado moreuge nae nunga wie pieo
Chae naebaetji mothan yaegideuri heureugo
Miryeoni naui eolgul wireul gieo
Naege neon hanttaeneun naui dear
Hajiman ijen sseugiman han beer
Ttaeneujeun jagihyeomoro eollukjin simjangeun
Seuchineun jeo baramedo bieo
Ibyeoreun geojitppunideon naui yeongeuk kkeute
Ogoya maratdeon naui daetga
Nugunga siganeul doedollyeojundamyeon
Eojjeom naega jom deo soljikal su isseosseulkka
Naman aneun naui geu maeneolguldo
Chuhago chorahan nae anui oraen beotdeuldo
Nareul bodeon geu misoro yeojeonhi neon nareul
Geureoke tto saranghaejul su isseosseulkka
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Du worth it Du perfect
Deserve it just work it
neon gwitina gwiti tto prettyya pretty
bichina bichi neon jilliija ichi

hoksi nuga neoreul jakku yokhae (yokhae)
Tell em you’re my lady gaseo jeonhae (jeonhae)
ttan nomdeuri mworageon i sesangi mworageon
neon naege choego neo geudaero

jeoldae jjolji mara
nuga mworaedo neon gwaenchanha (Alright)
ganghae neoneun marya
You say yes oder no yes oder no

isipsegi sonyeodeura
(Live your life, live your life,
come on baby)
isipilsegi sonyeodeura
(You don’t mind,
you don’t mind, that new lady)
malhae neoneun ganghadago
malhae neon chungbunhadago
Let Du go let Du go let...
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Been trying to tell Du this
I was supposed to tell Du this
This is all for you

kkotgilman geotja
geureon mareun nan mothae
joheun geotman boja
geureon maldo nan mothae
ije joheun ilman isseul georan mal
deoneun apeujido anheul georan mal
geureon mal nan mothae
geureon geojitmal mothae

neonen aidorinikka an deureodo gurigetne
neone gasa mame an deureo an bwado bidione
neonen him eopseuni
gurin jit bunmyeonghi haesseultende
neone haneun jisdeul boni jogeum iteum manghagetne
(Thank Du so much) nideurui jagyeokjisim
deokbune goding ttaedo
mothan jeungmyeong haenaeteuni
baksu jjakjjak geurae gyesok jjuk haera jjuk...
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ppigeodeok ppigeodeok geumi gan nae mame
sirin neoui hansumdeul
jogeumssik jogeumssik sideuneun kkotcheoreom
simjangi naeryeoanja

jugil nomui i sarang neo hana ttaeme
dachyeodo meomchujil mothae
jugeodo ojik naneun neoya
nega eopsin gaseumeul gwantonghal nunmul
tteoreojil geomeun jiokppun
naege neon geureon jonjaeya

nareul tteonagaji ma
nareul namgyeoduji ma
doraseon ne mame balgireul naege dollyeojwo
ganjeolhan neoreul wonhae moksum geon jeonbuya
heuteojyeobeorin bit sogeuro nal deryeoga jwo
jeosesang kkeutkkaji na na na na na na
It’s gonna be Du na na na na na na
It’s gonna be Du na na na na na na
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