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Did I make the right choice?

I was dating this guy and he got all buddie-buddie with a guy he knows I hate and keeps asking me out. One Tag when my bf had to leave early the guy came up to me and said, "Your bf sagte we should go out." I was like uhmmmm! so i kinda shrugged it off as usual and the Weiter Tag my bf sent me a nite saying, "If we break up (not saying I want to) would Du go out with him? He wants to know." To me it sounded like if I would have sagte yes he would have broken up with me. So during the weekend I thought about it and decided to break up with him. Do Du think I made the right choice?
 Emo_gurl63 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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cherry_Dropzx said:
well, hmmmmh, DO Du think Du made the right choice? i can't tell Du whether Du have oder not. but i will say this: your first bf, did Du really like him? oder was it the other guy that Du like....in my experience it seems that we always become drawn to the guy we are desperate to hate, but its not really like that coz deep down its him that we want. but i guess the Frage that will establish whether Du made the right choice is: if Du did decide to go out with the other guy, can Du trust him, can Du tell him stuff Du would never tell your besties? can Du have fun times, sad times and serious times with him? if the answer is yes to all of those Fragen then yeah Du made a choice - its seems like a good one, but Du will find out later down the line if it was the right one. just remember, don't be treating relationships lightly and dump one guy for another, coz they will catch on to that and do the same to you. :|
good luck :D
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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