Brendon&Ryan Why do Du Liebe them?

Praesse posted on Jun 19, 2008 at 08:30PM
Well, just wanted to know why do you guys love them!
Tell me in a comment!

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Praesse said…
I love them because they are unbelievably HOT, and because they are SO INTO EACH OTHER, and Brendon is so cute and he's all the time stalking and following Ryan around and Ryan kind of ignores him and that's so funny! Ryan totally plays hard to get and that makes them even cuter! Aww! Ryan&Brendon are LOVE.

Those are my reasons. I'll think of some others later...
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ThatGreenGent said…
I love them because they are just so freaking adorable. Their love just adds to the band.
And when they kiss each other...
It makes me jealous..
its hot.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr hou0060 said…
They are both so hot, and talented, and in love... and I'm so jealous of *both* of them.
And cuz they are beautiful people who *glow* with each other's love and their own awesomeness.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr mrsbrenurie said…
I love them because they are unbelievably talented!! The looks and the SUPER SEXYNESS is just and amazing bonus!! The things that they do, the way they make girls go insane! The love that they have for each other but are to shy to show it!! lol I'm just crazy about them!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr iluvryry said…
theyre brilliant musicians and are just all around amazing except i dont agree that theyre gay soo not that!!!!
considering Ryan has a girlfriend i doubt it!!!
if he was she would have noticed by now!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr angelic_asd said…
Why we HAVE TO love them:
1. ^yes! they're awesome musicians!
2. They're so great looking,so sexy
3. Are so sweet and cute
4. They're pretty nice people
5. Make all those things and don't seem gays!!!
...(complete the list)