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posted by Clicky_Possible
Long time no tap,ay?Well,yes,I'm here,and Schreiben for you. I'm afraid this is my last visit to this,but I may come again :) Anyway,I'm telling Du that I wont be here that much to talk to me,but be sure to check me out over here, link That's a page I'm on constantly,so if Du wanna check out my improvement,go on there. Yeah... I wasn't on here for a LOOONG time,I see Fanpop's changed. I mean,what are those awards,I don't get it. I wrote this here,cos most of Du guys visit this page and watch it :D Anyway,to all of my good friends,and bad as much,I Liebe you(as friends),and never ever forget...
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I KNOW Du PEOPLE HATE HIM, BUT I FOR ONE AM A HUGE Fan :D This is a Vorschau of a video I'm working on <3 frames for 8 Sekunden worth of animation.....103. :O Imagine how many when I'm done! X(
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