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posted by BlondLionEzel
Issue #1: The Team Unites!

*In the middle of the Deep Sea, the Sea Witch is plotting to take over the surface world!*

The Sea Witch: *Has a full bodied figure, jet black hair, and the bottom half of an octopus* Using the Sea Gem, I shall flood the world!

Thalassa: *Leaps at the Sea Witch with her magical trident* I won't allow Du to use the Sea Gem for evil!

The Sea Witch: *Dodges* Du think you're so strong! I shall use the Sea Gem to flood the entire world!

Thalassa: Are Du mad?! You'll kill billions of people!

The Sea Witch: Bah! They are all insignificant compared to me!

Thalassa: If Du don't...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Name: Gold Blaster
Secret Identity: Dusty Noble
Age: 19
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Green
Powers: Superhuman strength, Flight, Healing Factor, Heat vision, and Heightened Senses
Weaknesses: If hurt Von anything with lead, his healing factor will shut down for 30 Minutes
Bio: Dusty Noble was a super-soldier created Von an alien race called the Legans, to be used in combat against the Castillians, a war-like race of aliens. However, Dusty Noble Lost his memory and lived on Earth. Dusty then met Sylvia Nymph, who was the princess of Lega. When Cactas, the mad ruler of Castillo attacked, Dusty Noble saved...
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