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posted by Blackwolf250
This is a third person and at certain times third person story...

The Tag was one not to be forgotten, sunny,cloudless, December day. bitter coldness to most inhabitants of the northern arctic, except for the Increasingly rare species of Black wolves. For decades the inside sociability of Black Wölfe and the common White Wölfe of the arctic has not been of favor to the Black Wölfe existence. The unforgettable Tag would be one that few black Wölfe would be able to remember, for there was an onslaught of white Wölfe attacking the last known territory of the rarest species on the planet. Four...
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posted by OmegaLeader
Liebe Finds It's Ways 
a little Artikel for the pack

I woke up to the push of a paw to my face. "Jet wake up sleepy head we have a lot to do today" "But I--" She pinned me down to the grown, "Jet don't pull this shit on me and who knows  maybe we can have some alone time after we we are done", she jumped off, my arms a little smudged while Luna was holding. "Fine so what will have to do today" I sighed wishing we can just go to sleep to tether instead having to do some boring chores. "Ok first we need to hunt, this will help your Alpha training", "But--" she put her paw to my mouth and hushed...
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posted by Blackwolf250
After he left I continued watching the time slowly pass by... Soon enough, the sun rose and I was set to wander once more... I slowly trot my way North, through the snowy forests. I unexpectedly came upon a valley, one I had not discovered on my travels earlier in this part of land. I soon learned it was called "Jasper Park", where two rivaling packs were at the brink of war all because one of the pack had disappeared with an "Omega" wolf which now held the fate of the valley... Ridiculous. I decided to investigate this "New" area... I slowly entered the valley I saw all these dens, but no...
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posted by Blackwolf250
These are some words of Guter Rat from a smart mind of a young teenager...

Life... Life is only brief so quit your winning and just be glad your alive today, and stop worrying about tomorrow. Do us all a favor, say hello to the Weiter person who walks past, say Good Tag to the next, be a nice person not a jerk. Do Du have friends? Yes? Then be nice to them and be glad Du have them. Have a mom? And a dad? Say Du Liebe them, and hug them, most people don't have mom and dads.

Please take this Guter Rat and us it...
Elijah David Boyd of the Boyd family...
posted by Wolfman32
Grady's Pov.

I was walking back to my höhle, den to check up on Rose when I saw our alpha running toward me.

"Grady, go get, Rose and meet the rest of the pack Von my den! Now!" He yelled and ran off to tell the others. I ran into the den. Rose's head shot up.

"Grady, what is it?" She asked.

"Come on, a pack's attacking and we have to go help fight them off." I sagte and we ran out heading to the alpha's den.

"Alright, Now we're all here. Grady, I want Du to take Rose, Curt, and Carly and attack thier left flank. Then Ramirez, Du take Paige and Lavi and attack thier right flank. I'll take the others...
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posted by Blackwolf250
So far the pack has made very good progress...
"Grady,Ramirez, go check the perimeter...Curt go hunt for some caribou for us,and Lavi..."
Lavi:"Yes sir?"
Me:"Just keep up the good work with the pups..."Soon after Grady and Ramirez come back,"Find anything unusual?"
Grady:"No sir"
Ramirez:"As usual as yesterday..."
Me:"Good Du may go to your dens"Within an Stunde Curt returned,"Good work Curt,I'll get everyone over here immediately" I say running to everyone's den..."Caribou Von the edge of the valley!"I repeated over and over and over again, I was crawling Von the time I got to the last den..."*Panting*Caribou...By...
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posted by Blackwolf250
I woke up the Weiter morning to my security Sekunde in command, Ryan,coming in.
"Sir,there's a large group of Wölfe coming oder way!"
"Well get the Alphas and we'll meet them at the intruders' position."
"Yes sir."I looked back and saw Johnelle was still sleeping,then I left the den.We met up with the Alphas at the entrance of the valley.
"Alright,Alphas! If they decide to attack us,we will defend,I will try to get them to Mitmachen the pack oder turn back." I sagte walking toward the group."All of Du may either Mitmachen this pack oder go." A couple of Wölfe then ran up to me
"David?"The female said
"What? How hell...
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posted by Blackwolf250
This is a Liste of all the members of the pack,the Mehr members the longer the list...This is a form they must fill out when they join...

Color fur:Green
Mate: Sarah(Pink fur)
Children: None
Duty: Leads hunting team

Name: David oder Shadow
Color: Black and red
Gender: Male
Class: Alpha
Children: ---
Duty: Leader of the pack,gives Wölfe dutys

Name: Johnelle
Color: White
Gender: Female
Class: Alpha
Mate: None
Children: Jaden

Name: Carly
Color: Light brown
Gender: Female
Class: Omega
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posted by REDWolfleader
We got to the valley and found it had been deserted.We soon had the pack set up and occasionally got a few new recruits.We had plenty of caribou and deer to supply everyone.We also had moonlight howls every Friday. Johnelle and I led the alpha school.We had a nice river going through our territory with a hidden pond. After about a week we had a couple of Wölfe come to our pack looking for me.
"Who are Du two and what are Du doing looking for me?"
"You don't recognize us?" one of them said
"No.Should I?"
"It's me,Seth!"
"What?!What the hell are Du doing here, jerk!"I growled
"Look I came to apologize...
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posted by REDWolfleader
Johnelle and I started off on a journey for a better life. We left Friends and family behind for the better. We came upon a vacant höhle, den and stayed the night for we still had a long trip ahead. Not long after we ate breakfast we set out, but not long after we met another couple with pups.
"Are Du two making a pack?"They asked as I looked at Johnelle.
"Yes we are, would Du like to join?" I asked starting to walk away,
"Yes if Du don't mind.I'm Victor and this is Maria,Seth,Lily and Diamond." Victor introduced.
"A pleasure, this is Johnelle my mate and I'm David"
We walked for a few hours and got Mehr and Mehr people.
"David, honey, I think there's to many people to keep moving."
"I know baby, there's a valley about one-hundred meters ahead.We're taking it into our possession weather a packs there oder not."
"How do Du know there's one ahead?"
"It's where my parents had lived."