Bill Kaulitz I will never be with bill kaulitz :'(

ZandBKaulitz posted on Aug 17, 2009 at 11:57AM
I know ive fallen in love with hes kindness , sweetness , his personality his looks and his wonderful smile! Im only 10 years old though.
:( I will never ever notice me. EVER. V_V I dream and wish of him and me together. But of course its just a sad story to tell. Nothing would be the same without him. I listen to his songs and watch the videos of his adventures. Feels like im a stalker but ill could never ever live without him. I love him so much i would faint if i see him! He is the reason why my heart beats fast!Hes the cherry on the ice cream lol! I love him so!

- Zoe
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ZandBKaulitz said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr airapot said…
me too..,but im older than 15^^
Vor mehr als einem Jahr jre22795 said…
i know how u feel
Vor mehr als einem Jahr iiStar said…
don't worry, one day you'll find someone as sweet as him (:
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Diih_Kaulitz said…
We feel the same!! :'(
Vor mehr als einem Jahr RemindMe said…
I know how you feel. But I think that you need to think positive. Actually, you never know, if Bill falls in love with you one day?
I know, that you're only 10, but the age doesn't matter.. Ut's alot of year beetween you and him, but the same as me and Tom, but i still belive in it, somehow.
never give up your love :i