Big Hero 6 If Du had any of the Big Hero 6 Team's "power" which would Du choose?:

Pick one:
Hiro&# 39; s Microbots and their transfor- mations
Hiro's Microbots and their transformations
BAYMAX&# 39; s Powerfists and Flight
BAYMAX's Powerfists and Flight
Gogo&# 39; s Speedblades
Gogo's Speedblades
Wasabi&# 39; s Lazer- blades
Wasabi's Lazer-blades
Fredzilla&# 39; s Firepower and super- jump
Fredzilla's Firepower and super-jump
Honey Lemon&# 39; s &# 34; Goo Bombs &# 34;
Honey Lemon's " Goo Bombs "
All of them
All of them
I can&# 39; t choose...
I can't choose...
 DisneyPrince88 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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