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I quick test video I did for my son, and as a VFX test for a possible future Ben 10 Fan series project.
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Episode 1

*Darkmech Planet*

Beatstar: Why haven't Du brought me mutants to work one?

King Joe: Well...I...

Beatstar: *Pounds Desk* WELL???!!!

King Joe: Fine! I shall get some!

Beaststar: Excellent...I shall be able to do Mehr experiments...

*Dark Circus, New York*

Announcer: It is now time for our main act! She's ugly, she's scary, and she's the Slime Girl!

Slime Girl: *Is made of green slime, with blue eyes*

Announcer: *Whips the slime girl*

Slime Girl: *Yips*

Announcer: Start moving! *Whips her more*

Slime Girl:

Crowd: BOO! *Start to throw things at the Slime Girl* Start moving! Start moving!...
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