Bates Motel Would Du Rather

nikki8green6 posted on Mar 23, 2013 at 09:49PM
How It Works:
- Someone proposes 2 options
- The next person chooses 1 of the 2 options and then offers 2 more options for the next person to choose.
- If you can't think of anything or would like to offer the same options, just copy and paste the previous question to your answer or simply comment 'SAME'.
- Options offered must be relevant to the show, it's characters or the cast.
- Do not ask yes or no questions.

Bates Motel 3 Antworten

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr nikki8green6 said…
I'll start...

Would you rather:
Stay a night at the Bates' or Marry into the family?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LANfanaddictNIE said…
Marry into the family.
Would you rather have Dylan's job or piss off Norma Bates?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr daughterofcokie said…
Dylan's job! lol

Would you rather watch Bates Motel or the movie Psycho?