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 My cousin's artwork! CLARA of Nutcracker
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Source: My cousin, DUH!
My cousin's new artworks, and they're really fantastic!
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This chapter is mostly made to introduce Du with the character and Phillipe's evil plot

In the early morning the door of the royal prison opened.
"You have a visitor"said the guard to Phillipe.
The one patch eyed man walked to Phillipe's dungeon.
Phillipe laughed evilly.
"You finally came.What took Du so long?"asked Phillipe.
"Sir,I had to be careful so no one could notice me."answered he.
"Fine.Did Du find some musketeers we can trust?"said Phillipe.
"Just as Du ordered sir."answered Phillipe.
"Tonight you'll attack the dungeon.And don't forget to take some of the prisoners so they won't know...
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Louis was waiting for Susan and Margret.
Louis: I wonder why girls take entire Tag in dressing up and make up!
Susan: Du would have known if Du were a girl!
Louis: Oh no! Du listened the entire the entire thing?
Margret: Yes we did and what were Du saying “Girls take entire Tag in dressing up and make up”. I tell Du Susan ‘Boys can never understand girls feeling!’
Susan: Now end of the matter, we should now discuss for what we are here.
Louis: Du are right Susan.
Susan: Guys I have Suchen the internet for some picnic places in the state.
Louis: Please Susan don’t tell me that we are...
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its a grt movie
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