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Based on ep 5
Aangs point of view:
(I liked spending time with katara.I have alot of fun with her.Today we went to the park with her brother sokka and we had alot of fun together.Then we went to her house.She was saying something but I
got zoned out Von my thoughts)
Katara: so Aang, this is my room.
(wow she looks preety)
Katara: Helloo, Aang?
Aang: Oh sorry katara, I like your room
Katara: Thanks, so, what do Du want to do?
(I was gonna say something but her father came in)
Hakoda: Katara have Du done your chores?
Katara: Yea I have. Aang this is my dad,Dad meet Aang.
Hakoda: So your Katara´s new...
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Later that Tag the gang decided to walk for most of the way to the southern water tribe to give Appa some rest,
"Soooo, bored!" Toph moeaned stopping to stamp her feet causing a little vibration through the ground." I never thought that i would say this this but i kinda miss being on the run," she tried to whisper the last part but it came out louder the the rest. Everyone turned on her with complete shock on their faces." I know what your all thinking and i cane See the lokk on your faces but...come o Du have to addmit that this id soo boring?"she finished Von kicking some ash around at her...
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