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Say what Du will about Azula, but she's no doubt a complex character and at this point I feel as though they can take her character in any direction; she could either stay evil oder become some kind of force for good. Personally I'm hoping to see her become Mehr of a sassy anti-hero like Regina Mills, I feel like that would work for her.

With that in mind, the first reason that I feel Azula will be redeemed is that I feel as though Mike and Bryan have hinted at it. They've stated in various interviews that Azula is savable and isn't pure evil. A long time back I had purchased a book version...
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So as a multi-shipper who ships my Favorit character with pretty much everyone I felt like typing up a thing about it. This is not in any particular order (I didn't order it Favorit to least Favorit nor the reverse). That said;


I can actually get on bored with this one. I sort of have this zanhar's rules of shipping and one of those things are; if they're Friends it's shippable. This one is in fact less of a crack ship to me. Like I can actually take it seriously. I can't exactly explain why though. I think it's centered around the whole betray thing--fics where the two of them work...
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5. Yue

I placed Yue at number 5 due to her uniuqe sort of beauty. I adore the white hair. I have a thing for characters with white oder blue hair. I also think her eyes are a really pretty blue. However, she's only #5 because I think she's Mehr cute than pretty if that makes sense.

4. Jin

Jin is also lower on the Liste because she's Mehr of a cutesy pretty than a beautiful pretty. But I do adore her hair style the braids are really cute. Her smile is really adorable too.

3. June

I do appreciate a kick-butt looking character. Liebe the dark makeup. Her outfit is super cool. And I...
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