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legend of korra
the legend of korra
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This Artikel may contain some spoilers, particularly for those who haven't read Smoke and Shadow yet.

In The Suchen one common thing that kept getting bought up was Ursa telling Azula to "take off that mask, only then will Du see your true destiny." Recently another layer was added with the semi-recent announcement of the Kemurikage becoming the feuer Warriors--the feuer Nation equivalent of the Kyoshi Warriors. And naturally Azula is their leader.

This just got me thinking about Azula's fate in general. Personally, I think that this role (as a feuer Warrior) Suits her way Mehr than being the...
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So I'm trying something different now. Usually I tend to type 'why I like my favorites' Artikel oder 'why I don't like my least favorites'. So this time I decided to try something new and type about what I like about a character I'm not to fond of.
I decided to do this with Katara because, of all the characters on my dislike list, I think she's probably the most likable.

One of my Favorit things about Katara is that she's just a genuinely nice girl. She always goes out of her way to help those who need her help--like that town she dressed as the Painted Lady for. I may not like her character...
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Alright so this was so so hard for me to type. Like I made an Artikel for my oben, nach oben 5 Azula moments, I wanted to make one for my least favorites. Everyone knows I Liebe her so it was so hard to pick least favorites, I really did have to pick my brain on this one. This is like Noglosia Critic's picking the worst of the best.

1. Along the same lines I didn't like seeing her fight Mai and Ty-Lee in the Boiling Rock. I suppose this is Mehr of a scene with Azula that I don't like Mehr than an Azula moment. That trio was a fabulous trio and it is a darn shame that it came to and end. I also feel like...
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So on this one Umfrage 'who would win a fight to the death' I kind of went on this rant as to why I thought Azula would win. And I thought I'd put it in Artikel form.

First and foremost, the obvious; Azula has Blue feuer (supposedly hotter than any other fire) on the show. This is something unique to Azula and Azula alone. Where as Bloodbending is not unique to Katara. And metalbending is not unique to Toph. Others have done it before and (in Toph's case) after. Plus Katara can only do it during the full moon whereas Azula's blue feuer and lighting are present at all times. And she is very skilled...
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Farben of the Wind from Pakohantas. Credit goes to ManicMantras from Youtube
hahaha... sexyfine. Another parody made Von the abridged series gang. :D all credits to them oder whatever...
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