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astonmarvin posted on Feb 25, 2011 at 09:56PM
Who is the best aston or all of JLS
 Who is the best aston oder all of JLS

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ShannonTee said…
omg i love aston merrygold i want to go nd see him nd get a picture with him i abs lovee himm !
i must be his biggest fan
Vor mehr als einem Jahr blondy123 said…
hey aston i am tracy from liverpool i love to get a fone call of u one day its 07521728034 ring pleasexxxx
Vor mehr als einem Jahr laurenandaston said…
Heyya!x JLS are The best but soooo is ASTON im sooo in love with him he is georgiouse !!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love him and the boys to bits but love him more and more each day !!! Aston i can be your girl !!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Vor mehr als einem Jahr leonakelf said…
hello jls xxxxxxx mavrin xx