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real-Aston posted on Oct 15, 2011 at 08:16PM
its you boy Ast here,
i have just created a fan email for anyone that wants to email me cause you know me i love evry single one of my fans and always will do!!!!!
the email:

love ya boy Ast

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Astonicia said…
Hala its ur gal felicia a.k.a astonicia frm south africa.i wnt u 2 do me a favour n that is 2 come here in south africa jsy 2 see me n bring along jb,mavin n oritz,an we can hang out or go 2 ur fav resturant which is nandos n call me any tym u wanna!!xxxastonia,ooh before i forget pls reply axxx xxx
Vor mehr als einem Jahr kayleyandaston said…
i love you aston will u be my boyfriend i am going to see you live in the liverpool echo arena i want u to say my name and tell me to come down to the stage and i say to me i love ya kayley my daliin angle
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Astonicia said…
Hey aston its me again ur ine & only gal felicia fielies a.k.a astonicia,hope u had a gud xmas this festive season with marvin,jb,oritsè...jst te£ the boys to follow bck on twitter @ felicia astyxx or felicia fielies.luv u,luv the new album jukebox,got all the songs straight to my phone!!!keep rocking and call me anytime @ 0844499150 luv ya xx :)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Tinkytoe12 said…
OMG aston your sooooo hot hot hot hot hot hot hot and one more time hot and i love ur songs especially do you feel what i feel ............... love it ur all so fit but ur fitter >>>>>>