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This Anime foto might contain porträt, kopfbild, nahaufnahme, portrait, headshot, and kopfschuss.

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Ichigo and Rukia(with Kon in her Bag) running because they are late.

Ichigo: Geez, Du should have woke me up earlier, Rukia.

Rukia: I was about to ask Du the same thing.

A hollow brakes off from the Wand of the house. Ichigo grabs Rukia's bag and tries to get his substitute soul reaper badge. Another soul reaper summons a sword(not a zanpakto) in thin air.

Ichigo: Wha-

The soul reaper slices the hollow with the sword.He has silver hair with red streaks, he look Mehr human with dyed hair.

Rukia grins.

Ichigo: Who the hell are you?

Soul reaper: Kosuke, Kosuke Aomura.

Ichigo: So you're a soul reaper...
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East, in this context, resembles the Japanimation oder Anime for short while the west... I don’t know, cartoon maybe. In the East, we have improper but interesting manuscripts: in the form of “manga” and their final projection, another fine specimen of art, being anime. While we have a method to pick out unfit story for final publishing in the East as the Manga system, we have nothing in the Western side. In this side, we have to come up with a good story, add proper proportion of action, drama, and romance if needed, and make it a full-fledged Animation show. As compared to East, West...
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Maria Miyazono (宮園 マリア, Miyazono Maria?)

A young and attractive English teacher at Seika High. She may have non-Japanese ancestry because of her name and the Kommentare on her looks. She's an acquaintance of Tora Igarashi who made her Mitmachen Seika High, in order to make Usui quit. Wearing revealing clothes as well as having a large bust and being very short, she attracts the attention of male teachers and students. Misaki instinctively protects her from them, causing Maria to fall in Liebe with her. Initially thought of Von Misaki as a potential rival for Usui, Maria confesses her Liebe to Misaki.
Usui is in fact a former student of Maria's mother. She has a 'habit' of falling in Liebe with girls. She has a fiance, Shinji, but she only considers him as a mere childhood friend. She also knows about Misaki's part time job. She's Igarashi's right hand person to make Usui Bewegen to Miyabigaoka High School.
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This my short opinion of my Favorit Anime ccalled Deathnote.My Favorit characters are L,Light,and then Mello.All these Characters are cool,funny to make fun of,funny on there own, but they are not judged Von there looks.
I actual like all those characters espially Ryuk he is the best CAUSE HE LOVES APPLES NOT AS MUCH AS I DO BUT HE LOVES APPLES.Anyways this Zeigen is really creepy,dramaicful,funny and epic.I Liebe everything about it's so perfect.If Du are Lesen this and Du like Anime and Deathnote go head and give me some props.And watch Deathnote,and tell me do Du like it oder not oder if Du are obbessed with it cause I am!!!!
So buy Deathnote things,watch Fan based episodes,and pictures.and come holla at all the Clubs I'm in.And ask Fragen and stuff.Go Deathnote!!!! And Good Bye!!!!
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