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 (From left to right: Hakase Shinonome, Sakamoto-san the cat, and Nano Shinonome.)
(From left to right: Hakase Shinonome, Sakamoto-san the cat, and Nano Shinonome.)
Robots with detachable limbs that dispense green tea. Having your bike sitz stolen to be replaced with a head of broccoli. Ordering an extra-small coffee at the local cafe due to not understanding the cup sizing of sagte beverage. Katzen that talk when a miraculous red scarf is tied around their neck. Principles that suplex deer in wrestling matches.

If any of the above sentences intrigue you, Nichijou may just be the Anime for you.

'Nichijou' was originally a Manga created Von Arawi Keiichi, which was later adapted to an Anime Von KyoAni. While the Anime only lasted 1 season, it is like a hidden...
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Dragon Ball Z Fan fiction.

Chapter 1: No Royal Road to Peace

"Where is he, Vegeta?" Goku charged. His nemesis stood not Mehr than twenty feet away, clad in regal garments and with an air of arrogant nobility about him. The larger warrior tightened his muscles until the veins in his arms looked ready to burst.

"What are Du talking about, Kakarott?” inquired the royal. “What the hell are Du doing here?" The guards protectively surrounding the Prince of the Saiyans did not take their eyes off of the intruder for a split-second.

"You know exactly who I'm talking about, Vegeta! Du had no right...
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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha(魔法少女リリカルなのは Mahō Shōjo Ririkaru Nanoha)

he storyline follows Nanoha Takamachi, a nine-year-old Japanese girl attending elementary school, who lives with her parents and her older siblings. Nanoha's regular everyday life ends when she rescues an injured frettchen who reveals himself as a young shapeshifting mage named Yūno Scrya. An archaeologist from a parallel universe, Yūno came to Earth to collect a set of twenty-one dangerous ancient artifacts named the "Jewel Seeds" (ジュエルシード, Jueru Shīdo?) that he first discovered in his...
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B is for Birthday

The greatest gift Du can give to others is the gift of unconditional Liebe and acceptance. ~ Brian Tracy

The morning rays peered through Lucy's window as she slept in her bed. As the light gently caressed her face, the blonde wrinkled her nose cutely at the intrusion. Finally realizing that she wasn't going to go back to sleep, Lucy opened her eyes to greet the new day.

She stretched her limbs and when she heard a satisfying pop, Lucy dropped them and was fully awake. The Stellar Spirit mage stared out of the window for a moment to admire the serenity of Magnolia. Not for the...
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1. I follow them Home then stab them in the spleen, that'll teach them to hate something I enjoy.

2.Well first I'd try to argue that there are a lot adult Anime if that doesn't work and they're just stupid I'll lol.

3.I explain the general themes found in Black Lagoon and Hellsing then ask them how much they liked the latest Disney/Pixar flick. (knowing they've seen it)
Shuts them up every time.

4.They piss me off, so I just ignore them as much as I can.

5.i just leave them be , its pointless to change some1 mind when that person doesn't wanna change

6. I firt mention that anime...
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 Korean Otaku marries his Anime kissen Fate Testarossa
Korean Otaku marries his Anime Pillow Fate Testarossa
1.The feeling oder opinion that two-dimensional anime, Manga oder game characters are Mehr attractive (visually, physically oder emotionally) than real-life people (from the English "2D complex".)
Can Du believe nijikon want to legalise marriage with fictional characters? That's totally ridiculous.

2.Nijikon (二 次 コン?) is a Japanese term used to refer to people who are only interested oder obsessed with the form of two-dimensional form of the character of anime, manga, and video games, which incidentally is related to two dimensions on paper oder screen, as well as figure doll of the character....
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 Saya and Haji fighting together
Saya and Haji fighting together

* referance video*

This is an great anime. It started out okay as the girl saya was normal and had a fun life. But then she finds out that she's not your regular High schooler. I liked the romance between Haji and Saya and I liked the storyline. That was well played out. Also something that i liked was the trials that she has to go through to prove that she's worth something. I also like how Du see her history and how it effects her. This is a great Anime and I recommend it to people who Liebe romance and action for this has a lot of both.
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Have Du ever watched a Zeigen for the first time and thought it sucked... and then had a change of herz and decided to give that Zeigen a Sekunde chance? I've had that happen with me at least two times. The first was with Hetalia, and in the case of that piece of worthless dog-shit, a Sekunde viewing only made me Frage why that series has a fanbase even more.

The Sekunde Zeigen I gave a Sekunde chance was a Zeigen that I "fondly" remember watching as a kid (and I use the term "fondly" loosely in this case). It is a Zeigen that belongs to a franchise that I hold very dear.

That Zeigen is link.

Allow me to...
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