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Title: Edward vs. Edward
Author: Dearheart
Rating: Rated G for Giggles! :D
Summary: Once upon a blank piece of paper, two very different characters from two very different fandoms happened to bump into each other. One was an alchemist with height issues. The other was a vampire with no fangs. Chaos and comical verbal attacks ensued.

This goes out to all of Du who are Team Edward...ELRIC!! Because when HE glistens in the sun, IT'S BADASS. No offense to the Twilighters, but our awesome, butt-kicking, short-ranting Ed was around long before Mr. Sparklepants was even a speck of glitter in Stephanie...
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Side Note, don't take this Titel too seriously, it was clickbait(I don't think my opinion is fact)

Major Spoilers Ahead

Alright, first things first, the characters, they are the worst characters I've ever seen. Not because they are unlikable, I mean, they haven't done anything to warrant such hate for their actions(expect Saturo). The reason why they are they are the worst is that for a lack of a better word, they are one trait characters(with the exception of Saturo once again). Yeah, Du heard that, right, they have A single trait! Don't believe, okay let's look at our mains then.

Starting off...
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Hello everyone! at first I would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and thanks all those who are going to read my this ridiculous Liste of mysterious relationships.
It's been 7 months since I've started to watch Anime and after watching 22 Anime series I found some mysterious relationships between two characters in various animes. I don't know if Du all feel the same way about them but still lets figure it out okay? XD!!
So here is my list~

Undertaker & Claudia Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji~
To me it's most mysterious relation I've ever found in the anime. Also in Manga it never explains...
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Hello guys and welcome to my first official article!~ Today I will be counting down my personal oben, nach oben 30 Favorit Anime openings.

Now before I start off the Liste I want to say that this is my own opinion! Please don't whine in the Kommentare about your own Favoriten not making it on the list. Du can make your own lists if Du want, but this one is MINE. Okay are we good to start?

Okay, let's begin this list!

#30. Pokemon Opening 1 (English)

Pokemon was for me my first anime. I was a Fan of this opening the moment I first heard it. Pokemon ftw!~ ^-^
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posted by Cutepet87
 Yuno Gassai from Mirai Nikki (with glasses)
Yuno Gassai from Mirai Nikki (with glasses)
So I went to a Comicon today for Anime reasons. (Philadelphia, PA)

I'll put my Mekaku City Actors episode reactions up tomorrow because I'm tired and lazy. I watched it, but for today, how about some awesome cosplayers I met?

 Miku from Rolling Girl (She even has the bandage!)
Miku from Rolling Girl (She even has the bandage!)

 Deidara from Naruto
Deidara from Naruto

 Gundham from SDR2 and Genocider Syo from the original Dangan Ronpa (with scissors and a fake tongue!)
Gundham from SDR2 and Genocider Syo from the original Dangan Ronpa (with scissors and a fake tongue!)

 Maka from Soul Eater
Maka from Soul Eater


 Yes, I know Teen Titans isn't an anime, but here's Raven, Beast Boy, and Nightwing (I think)
Yes, I know Teen Titans isn't an anime, but here's Raven, Beast Boy, and Nightwing (I think)

 Meiko Honma (Menma) from Anohana
Meiko Honma (Menma)...
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The 1st is!
Excellen Browning (エクセレン • ブロウニング)
Origin: Super Robot Taisen Compact 2 (Impact)
Age 23. ATX-team member, code name Assault 2, ranking 2nd Lt. (少尉). Pilot of PTX-007-03C Weißritter (ヴァイスリッター).

A purely fun loving entertainer it's Excellen's habit to tease younger and thus less experienced crew-members, especially Bullet, on private matters like relationships, always speaking in an unserious cutey-girly manner. She's always first to add weird nicknames on others and intentionally mistakes idioms for some daily slapstick. Though Wird angezeigt this...
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posted by PurpleStar17
 Crowd of screaming Fans
Crowd of screaming fans
*A WARM SHOUT OUT TO THOSE WHO HELPED THANK Du FOR TAKING TIME OFF YOUR SCHEDULE AND ANSWERING THESE Fragen BEYOND WHAT I COULD HAVE ASKED FOR. :D I know I didn't fit in all your stuff in cuz i was trying to get as many people as possible, AND TO THOSE THAT DIDN'T MAKE IT IN:TARDIS-Granger, and the two girls from

The screaming crowds. The hours spent online, spreading pictures and information. All these people coming together. Let me introduce Du to a fandom.
Fandom is a term that sounds like what is is—it refers to all the combined Fans of something. It can...
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posted by souleaterlovers
Yay! Number 6! I haven't written anything in a long time... I've been busy..... And being lazy..... BUT ANYWAYS!!!!!

Disclaimer: I don't own Soul Eater oder Naruto oder any of that jazz!

Warning: Swearing, so if Du don't like it, don't read these!

Story Time!:

Crona P.O.V:

Maka pulled me aside and Soul just missed us. "What the heck are Du doing!?" Maka yelled at Soul, I could tell she was scared. "Trying to kill you, duh. Haven't Du been listening?" Black star, sterne sagte in a annoyed voice. "Shut up." Maka snapped. "Ugh. This is getting aggravating! When can we eat their soul's?" A familiar voice said....
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Hi! I'm back from watching the American live action Zeigen "F Troop", and am once again devouring Anime shows on Hulu. Here's my latest 3:

Kids on the Slope—With credentials going back to Cowboy Bebop, Du know this has got to be good. Though about the only thing it has in common with Bebop is the jazzy soundtrack provided Von Yoko Kanno. There’s no guns, no bounty chases—just an involving coming of age story about high school students in a Japanese small town. Nerdy Kaoru somehow makes Friends with the class bully, Sentaro, who is really a softie, a Catholic, and most of all, a drummer....
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posted by dragonzord1993
... Now that we've got that stupid joke out of the way, let's get this over with.

That's right... this is a follow-up to my first Hetalia rant. Now, I've already gegeben some arguments on why Hetalia is nothing Mehr than fangirl bullcrap. I've stated that I usually watch five to six episodes of a TV/anime series before judging it. However, it turns out that I DIDN'T watch five to six episodes of Hetalia. Let me explain.

The usual time that an ordinary Anime episode lasts is twenty to twenty-five minutes. However, Hetalia's "episodes" (I use that term EXTREMELY loosely, and I'll get into the issue...
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posted by ginei_werewolf
Rating 15+

categories echii, supernatural, horror

High School of the dead oder H.O.T.D is a Anime about a zombie invasion. That is spreading like an epidemic all around the world in just a matter of days. These zombies are very powerful and the only way to destroy them are Von smashing their heads.
However as the zombies multiply they seem to be getting smarter in the process. This Anime isn't finished yet but it is getting very good.

Anime length 5+ episodes the Anime is still going on

Manga i haven't touched it yet pm me if Du know how long it is

fanspot link
 10. kanade from angle beats
10. kanade from angle beats
it was really hard to go through and just pick 10 but i did :) leave your opinion please! oh and please don't mind to say what ever Du would like to say about my picks.. :P And if Du really want to tell me who your oben, nach oben 10 picks of the prettiest Anime girls are too you! I would really like to know. :) I don't really know who to pick out of all the anime's because i really don't watch Anime all that much any Mehr and most of the anime's i watch are all most all boy's LOL so sorry if your Favorit Anime girl is not on my article!
 9. haruhi from Ouran high school host club :)
9. haruhi from Ouran high school host club :)
 8.may from Pokemon
8.may from Pokemon
 7. Renee from mew mew power!
7. Renee from mew mew power!
 6. eri from school rumble
6. eri from school rumble
 5. tennma from school rumble
5. tennma from school rumble
 4. misaki from maid sama!
4. misaki from maid sama!
 3. chii from chobits
3. chii from chobits
 2. Ichigo from Tokyo mew mew <3
2. Ichigo from Tokyo mew mew <3
 1. Misty from Pokemon!!!
1. Misty from Pokemon!!!
posted by sparklefanboy
Notes: The K-On! characters aren't created oder owned Von me. All credit goes to the creator (s), studios, and everybody else that made K-ON!. This is a story that I originally wrote for I hope that Du enjoy this story.

Mio was sleeping. She was wearing purple pants and a rosa shirt. Mio got a text that woke her up. Azusa sent a text to Mio telling her that school was about to start! Mio had overslept. Mio put on her school clothes and ate a muffin. Mio hurried to school.

Mio ran to class which is something that she rarely does. Mio found Ritsu. Mio sagte "Ristu am I late?"

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*Hope and Wonder*

Watching and hiding

Behind a tree.

Hoping he doesn't

Notice me.

I see he's determined

To change his fate

I want to change it

Before it's too late.

They sagte I'm a failure.

My sister, cousin, and Dad.

But the thing I was lacking

Was something he had

At my first Chuunin exams,

Something I'll never forget.

He helped me change.

At least a little bit.

Sitting in my room

Thinking of that day.

Wondering 'When I see him next,

What am I going to say?'

Then I go to my bed,

Thinking 'When won't I flee?'

And wishing for the day

When he'll acknowledge me.

- Hyuuga Hinata.
 I know this Fankunst sucks but it's the only one I could find that features both of them.
I know this fan-art sucks but it's the only one I could find that features both of them.
Well,this has been a long time coming.
Due to how much people liked my "Similarities between Frozen and Steven Universe" article,I decided to make similar one to it.But this time,I'll Liste off the similarities between two of my Favorit series of all time,Samurai Jack and Berserk.
Now before we get into the Artikel itself,let's get some things out of the way.
Du see,when I was a little boy,Samurai Jack was my Favorit Zeigen growing up and now that I'm older,I honestly think it got better with time and right now it's my Sekunde Favorit cartoon of all time.

I got introduced to Berserk when I...
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Okay i wanna get this out of the way right now.
Many people think when they watch a gaming Anime like Sword Art Online it should be compared to other gaming Anime like Log Horizen and No Game No Life. But here i am gonna tell Du about Dot Hack the Gaming Anime that started it in the Anime community. Click on the Link that will take Du to the .Hack// Wikipedia website. link That proves and shows that Hack// Roots and Hack Trilogy with Haseo and the rest of the Hack series is Episodes,Ova and Spin off series. Just cause the characters change in some seasons does not make them spin off series...
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-During the glocke test, when Sakura fainted from seeing his head above ground, and the rest below, Sasuke waited for her to wake up, even though he probably knows he's wasting time.

-When they were escorting Tazuna to the Wave Country, Sasuke rushed in front of Sakura to protect her and Tazuna, even though Kakashi would have come (of course, he didn't know that but still)

-When Sasuke and Naruto were fighting Haku, Zabuza went to attack Tazuna but Kakashi protected him and Sakura screamed. When she did, Du could hear worry in Sasuke's voice when they heard her.

-During the Chuunin Exams, The...
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posted by HatsuneMiku-
Ok so here is why i think Yuki Nagato is way Stronger than Naruto.

Yuki Nagato. Jumped in the middle of the fight. And grabed Ryoko Asakuras knife. Yuki's hand was bleeding. But she diden't surrender. Yuki was proceting Kyon while Yuki nagato got killed Von Ryoko Asakura and Yuki nagato still lived. And Yuki nagato was stabed multiple times Von Ryoko Asakura. And Yuki nagato diden't even die. Yuki Nagato feels no pain. When Yuki nagato started Fighting Ryoko Asakura. fighting Ryoko Asakura. Yuki Nagato at the end of the fight Yuki Used her power to dissinigrate Ryoko Asakura. Yuki nagato won...
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posted by kakukun
Hey there! ~ I decided to make this step Von step Artikel on how I make an Icon just because I felt bad because I couldn't include some people's entries in the Umfrage of the Anime Icon Contest because they don't follow the rules given. I'm not really sure where to put this, but since the Anime Icon Contest is here, I decided to post it in this spot.

Making Icons are really easy. In fact, Du don't really need a fancy software to make one. Du could just always crop a picture and re-size it on your computer. If Du want to add some fancy effects, Du could always use a Foto editing software or...
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Jpanaese Lyrics

sekai de ichiban ohime-sama
sou IU atsukai kokoroete yo ne
sono ichi itsumo to chigau kamigata ni ki ga tsuku koto
sono ni chanto kutsu made miru koto
ii ne?
sono san watashi no hitogoto ni ha mittsu no kotoba de
henji suru koto
wakattara migite ga orusu nano wo
nantoka shite!
betsu ni
wagamama nante ittenaindakara
KIMI ni kokoro kara omotte hoshii no kawaiitte
sekai de ichiban ohime-sama
ki ga tsuite nee nee
mataseru nante rongai yo
watashi wo dare to omotteru no?
mou nanda ga amai mono ga tabetai!
ima sugu ni yo
ketten? kawaii no machigai desho
monku ha yurushimasen no
ano ne,...
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