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Okay, it's been a while since I gepostet a trio of reviews. And they're all Christmas-themed! No, no they're not, actually. One actually involves the summery sport of swimming. Which I am doing now in December--I joined a sports club with an indoor pool! Well, on to the anime:

Coyote Ragtime Show—A small but fun group of Weltraum pirates, led Von a tough old man called simply “Mister”, searches for treasure on a planet due to be blown up like Alderaan, all the while in a race with a beautiful detective plus an evil woman with twelve killer android “daughters”.
    The Zeigen threatened a barrage of violence, but except for a bloodbath in the Sekunde half of the first episode, it didn't deliver. Sure, there were explosions and spaceships being shot down, but it was mostly bloodless stuff, about as violent as The A-Team. I'm not complaining, mind you, my ability to not get grossed out can be relatively low. (And besides that, I’m not one of those who complains about violence on TV and I’ve always loved The A-Team.)
    The show, with its Titel and “coyote” being a new name for pirates, like “cowboy” being a new name for bounty hunters, seemed like it was going to be a rip off of Cowboy Bebop, but it’s not the same at all. I have no points of comparison; just take my word for it.
    Spaceship battles bore and confuse me, so this program didn’t hold my interest at times. Its strong point is relationships: the camaraderie of the crew; the father-and-daughter like relationship between Mister and Franca; the heated banter between crew member Bishop and the eccentric pirate-turned-priest, Swamp; and the especially intriguing romantic tension between Mister and the detective, Angelica Burns.
    I never really did get fully used to having a character named Mister. It's like you're always waiting for something to follow oder Du think someone is addressing a stranger casually, like, "Hey, Mister, watch where you're going!"

Lupin the III (Part II): I had Lupin III down in “My Anime Series” as an honorable mention--a fun show, but “there’s just too much Lupin out there to pursue, some of it which may never arrive in the US.” Now Hulu has gepostet the various Lupin series, and I took the opportunity to watch all that was available of the Sekunde series, the one that was shown in part on adult swim. Not all the episodes are available on Hulu, but I watched three seasons’ worth—that ought to count for something. So, crossing my fingers that they’ll someday post the other episodes, I’m Schreiben up Lupin the III (Part II) as an official part of “My Anime Series”.
    Lupin the III is a master thief and expert escape artist. Accompanying him are Jigen, a sharp-shooter; and Goemon, a modern Tag samurai with a mysterious wooden sword that can cut through anything but yam. Sometimes Schauspielen as their accomplice, sometimes as their rival, is the wily Fujiko, the Liebe of Lupin’s life. Not that he wouldn’t cheat on her in a minute! Pursuing Lupin and his Friends is Inspector Zenigata. For failing to catch Lupin, he seems like an idiot, but he’s really not when Du think of how he always knows where to find the globetrotting Lupin. Although Zenigata remains determined to catch (but not kill) Lupin, throughout their many adventures, they have actually grown fond of one another.
    The stories are episodic—no one long plot like a lot of anime. This means that yes, I have Favorit episodes:
    “Cursed Case Scenario” (English title)/”Tutankhamen’s 3,000 Year-Old Curse” (Japanese translated title): Lupin gets Mehr than he bargained for when he steals King Tut’s mask. A curse falls upon him.
    “Crude Reproduction, Perfect Frame”/”Two-Faced Lupin”: When Lupin gets a bout of forgetfulness and is reported to have killed his victims, he becomes suicidal. I much prefer this version of Lupin (the one who hates killing) to the one in the new The Woman Called Fujiko Mine who has no qualms about murder.
    “Hell Toupee”/”Cornered Lupin”: A semi-dark episode in which it looks like Fujiko and Lupin may be killed Von the enemy.
    “Lupin the Interred”/”Lupin Dies Twice”: This episode, in which it appears Lupin dies, is so exciting—and so touching, gegeben Jigen’s, Goemon’s, and even Zenigata’s reaction to the news—that following episodes seem a little lame in comparison.
    “Zenigata Getcha Into My Life”/”The Woman the Old Man Fell in Liebe With”: Zenigata actually gets a girlfriend!
    “Dark Charade”/”Do Du Know Shakespeare?”: Tough guy Jigen shows his soft side again when he comes to the aid of an old girlfriend who has become a nun in Africa.

Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club: I was sold on this series before I saw even one Sekunde of it. A swim club? Wet, bare-chested bishonen? Sign me up! And the series delivered this Fan service episode after episode. Hooray! Although I must say, the boys don’t look too different wet than they do dry. And for those of Du worried about all my sexist ogling, at least the snug swimsuits weren’t drawn in such a way as to reveal the boys’ genitalia.
    There’s actually a plot here. In grade school, four boys with “girlish” names—Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa, and Rin, win a relay race. Then Rin announces he’s moving Down Under. A few years later, the three boys left behind run into Rin, who is back from Australia, going to another school, and for some reason distant and cold. The three boys decide to form a swim club at their new school, Iwatobi High. They need a fourth boy. Nagisa recruits Rei, who becomes their friend and even gets involved in the Rin issue. The boys train for a tournament, all the while wondering if Rin, also competing for his academy, is ever going to be nice to them again.
    There is no romance here, just bromance. And in buddy stories like these, this is the way I prefer it. Liebe interests only get in the way. There are girl characters, though, like Gou, Rin’s sister who attends Iwatobi, and manages the swim team. She enjoys gawking at the guys as much as I do, but it’s unknown if she’s in Liebe with any of them.
    Haruka is the main character. He loves to swim just for the Liebe of it. He is somewhat withdrawn. Makoto is the team captain and perhaps the most level-headed of the bunch. Nagisa is the optimistic, perky little one. You’ve seen his kind in other anime. Rei is into sports for their beauty, yet he does mathematical calculations before each move. Oh, and at first, he can’t even swim! Nagisa recruited him for his girlish name, not for his ability!
    So, it’s true, this series has something to offer even if you’re not there just to watch half-naked boys.
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*SPOILER ALERT! If Du haven't finished Attack on Titan yet, it'd be wise not to read this. There is no real MAJOR spoiler, but i'm just saying, just in case...*

Hi Guys! It's animegurl235 (My fanfiction account: link) and i'm Schreiben another AOT fanfiction ( well actually its just a one-shot) after like forever!

I'm sorry it took so long, i was just in a phase where i didn't feel like watching Anime and instead all i did was draw it. lol. i have an IG account if u want to check out my artwork (animegurl 235) btw ^^.

But anyways I just finished attack on titan yesterday and was in complete shock...
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 this is the cover of the book
this is the cover of the book
this is from my Favorit MONSTER. it's a story about a monster with out a name the story name is the nameless monster.Franz Bonaparta is a characters from monster he wrote the story.that ends up affect Johan and Anna's Liebert life and others. this story is suppose to hypnotize kids and turn them into perfect killers. i hope Du enjoy it!

A long, long time Vor in a land far away, There was a monster without a name. The monster wanted a name so badly. So the monster left to go on a journey to find a name. But the world was so large that he teilt, split into two to make his journey. One went to the west...
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Just in case Du want to know who Du share a birthday with..:D(Might miss some,please inform me if I do.o3o)

January 1, 1560 (lunar calendar December 12, 1559?) Kayura (Yoroiden Samurai Troopers / Ronin Warriors)
January 1, 1952 Reiko Asagiri (Gatekeepers)
January 1, 196X Belldandy (Oh! My Goddess) (according to her student ID)
January 1, 1976 Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters, Fatal Fury)
January 1, 1984 Maki Tanabe (Gun Parade March)
January 1, 1986 Ren Tao (Shaman King)
January 1, 1997 Johji Ohtomo (Future GPX Cyber Formula)
January 1, 2231 Kei (Dirty Pair Flash)
January 1, 4982 Kris...
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1."People like Naruto because it's a bunch of kids killing each other."

2.Really, people like Naruto because it has an element of "epic" action like that of DBZ, but it also includes comedic relief, struggles, drama, and great characters with great development.'s coz... it's never ending.. mmm... i don't really know. i was addicted to Anime ---naruto in particular--- about 2 months ago, and then i started Lesen Manga ---got addicted...
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1.Naruto by:markzer

The wind of youth blows,
Helping the will of feuer grow,
Cause if it ever leaves the Leaf,
We'd have no place to go,

The way that we unite,
The war not passing by,
We take part in the fight,
And take down sword and eye,

To fight for what we love,
To defend what we hold dear,
This aint about our pride,
Or about gods from above,
Our own desires pushed aside,
We're fighting out of fear,

Fear for our friendships,
Fear for all that's good,
To defend those things so pure,
We all do what we should,
We stand up against evil,
We can be the...
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I'm going to say this, right here, right now: When it comes to TV shows (that includes anime), I always make sure to watch at least 5 to 6 episodes of a Zeigen before judging it (though I kinda made an exception with Power Rangers Turbo, which I watched 10 episodes of).

Anyways, what Anime do I hate with a bloody passion? One word: Hetalia. I gave it a try, and the results were... less than desirable.

I'm going to be brutally honest here. I had Mehr fun watching Princess Tutu.
I had Mehr fun watching Transformers Energon.
I had Mehr fun watching the 4Kids dub of One Piece.
I had Mehr fun watching...
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Alternative title:

Блич (Russian)
بليتش (Arabic)
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死神 (Chinese (Taiwan))
漂靈 (Chinese (Hong Kong))
블리치 (Korean)

action, drama, Supernatural
Themes: dark side, shinigami, spirits, superhumans, swords
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