Question! What's your soul eater Fanfiction character? (if Du have on that is.....)

I just finished helping my sister with her's, she wanted one...
and I have mine! ( well, Mehr than one, here!)
Name: Neru Majo
age: 15
side : mister/witch*
skin: fair
hair: black
eyes: purple
other: she acts really dorky (in a good way), she has magic Tattoos all aroud her body, but hides them with magic; she also has a sister named naru, and she has a crush on Kid...
*even though she's a witch, she has a wepon, and she's also trusted Von Lord Death.
Name: Naru Majo
Age: 14
side: witch
skin: pale
hair: rosa (?)
eyes: fushia
other: really cheerful, up beat out going, and kinda acts like a dude sometimes...wears lolita style clothing; has an older sister neru.
Name: Lite
age: unknown
side none (magical rabbit in human form)
skin: peach
hair: blonde
other: she serves the majo's. is a bit childishly mischievous.
Name: Sami (s-ah-me)
side: unknown
age: 19
skin: creamy peach
hair: black w/ white bangs
eyes: moon light blue
other: a bit ditzy, zany, cheery, and uber powerful.
(last but not least)
Name: Sto Shiga
age: 16
skin: peach
hair: dark gray
eyes: gray
other: nonchalant, doesn't question, go's with the flow, and generally quiet unless it pertains to him...he's odd.

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Anime Antwort

Ale1152 said:
Name: Alejandro
Gender: Boy
age: 16
Weapon: Dual Swords
skin: pale
hair: black
Eyes: has Heterochromia iridum (dark blue on the right eye and sky blue on the other)
other: he is basically an average intelligent guy who is strong and quick just like Black Star. He gets along well with anyone. Just don't anger him oder he will respond with a fight to the death.
Nicknames: Ale, oder Alex

Now for the two weapons...
Names: Heaven and Hell (no one knows their real names)
Gender: Both are girls
Age: 15
Weapon form: Dual Swords
Eyes: Blue for Heaven and Red for Hell
skin: pfirsich colored for Heaven, and tanish color for Hell.
Hair: Blonde for Heaven, Red for hell.
other: Both are twins. They are the weapons for Alex. They use to hate each other, but when partnered with Alex, they started to like each other for who they are. There real names are unknown, and are known as Heaven and Hell for a reason. Heaven likes stuff from Engel to cupids, while Hell likes demons.
I hope that I explained everything pretty good.
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madening_mahem posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
tdafan121 said:
I have a pair...

Name: Ashley Reines
Age: 15
Nicknames: Ash, "Crazy" (by Rya-Leigh)
Position: Meister (DWMA student)
Appearance: Medium length karamell brown hair usually in a messy high ponytail with loose strands, icy blue eyes, black rimmed glasses, tan skin, usually wears a black t-shirt with a hoodie with black-and-white stripes and plain black alternating patches and jean shorts (jeans when it's cold) and black sneakers.
Other Info: Acts like she cares about nothing in front of most people. The only person who can truly say they know who Ashley is is Rya-Leigh. Loves making people flip out. Hates most mainstream teen Musik artists. Tends to hit her head on the Wand when she's done something stupid. Never seen without a Manga book in her hand. Her current obsession is Black Butler. When people tell her she's crazy, she thanks them, laughs evilly, and walks away after she gets a look at how terrified they are.
Partner: Rya-Leigh Thatch
Name: Rya-Leigh Thatch
Age: 15
Nicknames: Rya, Ry, "Normal One" (by Ashley)
Position: Weapon (DWMA student)
Weapon type: Bow and arrow
Appearance: Waist-length silver hair, usually in a long braid. Grey eyes, pale skin, usually wears a white tank oben, nach oben with a grey vest over it, grey cargo pants, and white ballet flats.
Other: Her most cherished item is a charm bracelet she wears every day. She has only 5 charms, a star, a sun, a moon, an arrow, and a diamond. She collects plushies, which even Ashley doesn't know. Her Favorit is a black cat. She loves Katzen to death, which is no secret. She draws Manga a lot and aspires to be a manga-ka. When people ask her why someone so normal could possibly be able to be partners with someone as crazy as Ashley, she tells them "What's life without a psychopath to hang out with every day?" Ashley has gotten her into Lesen some Manga and is currently Lesen Fruits Basket.
Partner: Ashley Reines

Pair Facts:
-Ashley and Rya-Leigh's signature Bewegen is called "Artemis Silver Arrow"
-Ashley and Rya-Leigh met when they were very young; they're neighbors
-They used to wear the same clothes and hairstyles as children up until they turned ten.
-They have collected 41 souls so far.

I've started to think of Mehr so I could have a team, but I'm having trouble thinking up a variety of weapons...
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mangacrazy11150 said:
type:weapon mister
person:strong cute stoburn sometimes mean
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 name:yuki age:16 hair:red eyes:red type:weapon mister person:strong cute stoburn sometimes mean
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happybirthday1 said:
Name: Hana Midonaito
Age: 17
Side: Weapon (ball and chain)
Skin: pale
hair: white
eyes: blood red
other: resigned, calm and collected, short, quiet, leader, and has a terrifying death glare.
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chillyneon said:
Name =
Age = 14,000
Side = Vampire/weapon
Skin = pale
Hair = black
Eyes = ice blue
Other = daughter of the devil. She has a butler named Claudius and is also his weapon. She has been hit on Von Soul and Kid but black star, sterne has no interest in her. Her and Maka don't get along well at times.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Kaddy-The-Dead said:
Sorry if long:

Name: Hitome
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Side: Weapon (Dark Arm / like Tsubaki ,but not the same weapons)
Skin: fair
Hair: Black with white tips in two pony tails.
Eyes: Blood red
Other: Hitomes abilities come from Musik which is why she always wears headphones. She chooses not to speak to people and also wears what looks like a miniature gas mask over her mouth. Her trust is hard to gain ,but is still a powerful mamber of any group. At a very young age of 10 years she earned the position of a death scythe ,but sagte no as she believed she was too young to be Lord Death's weapon.
Too long?
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