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Sorry guys, Unfortunately I ran out of space on the last forum so here is the continuation of part three: Hinata's Long Weekend.

‘We have to find him. I know he’s alright, he… he has to be...’

“HINATA! OVER HERE!” Kiba yelled to her.

When she heard Kiba yelling, Hinata ran over to him followed by the others. Unfortunately the news wasn’t good.

“That’s…” Sakura said.

“No…” Ino remarks.

“It can’t be…” Temari states.

“Is it…” Hinata said in worry.

“It’s Naruto’s headband… I’m sorry Hinata.” Kiba said in remorse.

They couldn’t believe it. What had happened? Was Naruto really gone? Hinata’s heart was breaking, she felt so empty. All she had left of him was his jacket, which was still draped over she shoulders. Sakura and Ino came and sat with her under the tree where the carving was.

“Hinata… We’ll find him… I know we will.” Sakura says, trying to cheer her up.

“Sure we will… Naruto’s not one to give up, you know that.” Ino adds.

“Are… you… sure?” Hinata says weakly.

Ino and Sakura could see how heartbroken Hinata was, they didn’t want to show it but, everyone knew they felt the same way. Temari breaks the silence.

“Come on everyone, we’re going to find Naruto. You all know him just as well as I do, I know he’s out there. LET’S FIND HIM!”

“No need for that.” comes a voice from a silhouette of a figure in the distance.

The girls all thought that they heard Naruto’s voice.

“Is that…” Sakura asked.

“Could it be….” Ino adds hopefully

“I think… it’s…” Hinata states softly.

When they moved closer, the girls knew that it had to be…

“NARUTO!” they all yelled in happiness running toward him.

Hinata reached him first and threw herself on him followed closely by Ino and Sakura.

“What were you thinking Naruto?!” Sakura said in tears

“We could have lost you.” Ino adds

“We thought we had…” Hinata concurred, like Sakura she was crying.

Walking over to them, the others helped Naruto up. Kiba walks over to him and says,

“Here Naruto, you dropped this.” Handing Naruto his headband.

“Thanks Kiba. I owe you one.” Naruto says in reply.

Hearing Naruto say this Kiba says to him..

“A debt is never owed when made in friendship.”

Naruto had never heard Kiba say anything that profound before. It amazed him. Turning to Neji, Naruto was glad to see him.

“Neji… How are you doing?” Naruto asked him

“I’m… Fine now. Sorry about yesterday Naruto, I guess I forgot how much you mean to Hinata.”

“I’m sorry too Neji, guess I kinda went a little overboard myself. Hinata’s very upset about this whole thing.” He replies smiling.

“I found that out yesterday Naruto. You know, she snapped at me.” Neji stated.

“Yeah I know. She left after I saw what she’d done to you. I tried to stop her but couldn’t. So, I took you to the hospital and called Sakura. I think Hinata wants to talk to you Neji.” Naruto informs him.

Turning around Neji sees Hinata walking over to him. Limping over to a tree, Neji props himself up against the trunk.

“Neji I… I…” Hinata started to say.

“Don’t apologize Hinata, it was my own fault. You had every right to be mad at me.” He replies.

“Are you okay now?” she asked him.

“Yeah, for the most part. I never thought you had that much power Hinata, where did it come from?” Neji asked her in curiosity.

“Well… you insulted him Neji and I… snapped.” Hinata explained sheepishly.

“I know better than to do that again. It’s hazardous to my health.” Neji replies laughing.

Hearing all this, Naruto comes over to them followed closely by Sakura.

“Looks like you two have settled your differences finally.” Sakura comments, smiling at Hinata.

“Yeah, it does. Neji, what do you say… Friends?” Naruto adds extending his hand.

“Friends.” Neji replies shaking his hand.

Everybody was glad that it was finally over. Taking Naruto’s arm, Hinata pulled him close. The others knew that she wanted to be alone with him for awhile. So, Sakura, Ino and, Temari decided to lead the others back to the village.

“Naruto, we’ll see you two later. Have fun.” Kiba said as he left with the others.

When they were all out of earshot, Naruto looked at Hinata. Turning around he and Hinata watched the Sun set on another day of their time together. Naruto held her close. Hinata didn’t mind, she was happy again, now that she was with Naruto. Naruto though, seemed lost in thought. Hinata started to wonder what he might be thinking about.

‘I wonder what Naruto wants to do tomorrow, It’s my last day with him’

When the sun had set, Naruto turned to Hinata. He was at the end of another day with her. As a gust of cold night air breezed through, Naruto held Hinata close as they left the forest.

“Hinata, let’s go back, it’s getting late.” Naruto says with a smile.

“N… No, not yet Naruto… Please.” Hinata begs him

“What is it Hinata? Is something wrong?” Naruto inquires.

Hinata said nothing. She let her actions speak for her. Touching his face, Hinata leaned in and kissed Naruto so passionately that he was forced to kneel down on the ground. Hinata capitalized on that moment, she knew that this was her best chance to win him. Placing her hands on his shoulders, Hinata gently pushed him to the ground. When Hinata let up, she could see Naruto had enjoyed her little surprise.

“Hinata, that was amazing! You’ve changed so much… I don’t know what to say.” Naruto says after catching his breath.

“I did it for you Naruto.” Hinata told him softly.

After standing up, Naruto took Hinata in his arms again holding her close. His embrace excited Hinata more and more every time.

“Naruto, we can go back now.” Hinata said smiling at him.

Leaving the forest, Naruto and Hinata return to the village. It had become very dark and all the lanterns on the street were lit. Naruto and Hinata walked down the street side by side. It was very calm and peaceful now that the breeze had stopped blowing through the village. As they were walking home to Hinata’s place, Naruto was lost in thought again.

He was thinking about how he had never really realized how much Hinata loved him. She had never openly expressed it, except for that one time many years before. Back then though, she was still very shy and quiet around him. Naruto was amazed at how much Hinata had changed since then.

‘I can’t believe how much she’s changed. But, how do I tell her that?’ was the thought in Naruto’s mind.

When Hinata noticed how deep in thought Naruto was, she turned to him and gave him a small kiss on his cheek.

“Naruto, what are you thinking about?”

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Nice Story
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