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In a tribute to the great Animaniacs tradition, here is a Mehr extreme level of "Good Idea, Bad Idea". Fun for the whole family! Today's episode: "Tetherball"
good idea bad idea
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Rita (singing):
We can take care of ourselves, we're independent, me and you!
We don't need any humans to tell us what to do!
From now on, we're livin' where nobody can get in our way!

Runt (spoken):
And, uh, where is it we'll be living?

Rita (singing):

Runt (spoken)
Oh, that's right, like the cheese!

Rita (singing):
Monterey! Monterey!
It's the California livin' with the sun and surf and we'll never have to give in to another human master again!
It's Cannery Row for abendessen and then, we'll sleep on the strand where the sand is heaped up in piles!
A litterbox of miles!

You'll never have to fetch another slipper again, no Mehr having to pretend to be nice!
We're finally free, from now on, we'll be with the sun and the sand and the thundering seas on the cliffs of the harbor with the Cyprass trees!
And the Fisherman's Wharf is all there
in Monterey!
Humans Ain't What They Seem To Be, they don't mean that much to me. No, not much at all.

When you're little and tiny, they pet your cute hiney, but then when Du grow, it's a simple no-show, it's shoo-shoo off this and don't Du dare scratch on that, if they call Du at all, it's always "dumb cat"

Humans Ain't What They Seem To Be, they don't mean that much
to me. No, not much at all.

But when it's all dark and quiet, I try hard to fight it, but I dream of Home where I don't have to roam!

Someone to feed me and put me to bett and scratch me just so on oben, nach oben of my head.

But I ain't gonna Liebe 'em, not gonna answer their call
cause Humans don't mean that much to me,
No, not much at all.
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