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Playfur Cinema's Sekunde review and it features none other than the Gorgeous Minerva nerz herself from Animaniacs and highlights her sexually as a furry fandom sex symbol and why she had the least amount of Cartoons in the 90's.
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posted by Animaniacs1Fan
I got the list! I looked and counted!
1. Animaniacs Slappy hemd, shirt Gray
2. Animaniacs Skippy and Slappy 'Who!?' hemd, shirt homemade
3. Dot 'I'm cute' Girls 10-12L Tee
4. T-Shirt Yakko homemade
5. Wakko 'Potty Emergency!!!' Soft Tee
6. Animaniacs PJs
7. Buttons and Mindy PJs
8. Goodfeathers PJs
9. Goodfeathers Pants
10. 50 Posters (Not exaggerating)
11. 5 DVDs
12. 2 pairs of shoes [Pair 1 Warners Pair 2 Helloo Nurse!]
13. Homemade Animaniacs Swimsuit
14. 100 Animaniacs Comics (Also true)
15. Animaniacs Trophy
16. Animaniacs Lunchbox
17. Animaniacs Socks Wakko's 50 States
18. 10 episode boards signed Von the creators....
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Source: Your Anïmanïacs Cast Meme Blank Von MïxelFanGïrl100 On DevïantArt
posted by aldrine2016
As Yakko, Wakko and Dot were about to return to the studio, a Fan of their Zeigen saw Dot's great flipped hairstyle and began to freak out with excitement.

Male Animaniacs Fan: C-c-c-can I have your autograph, Ms. Dot Warner!? [holds out a blank book]

At first, Dot was confused, but since she was no longer being ridiculed for her hair, she decided to grant her Fan his request.

Dot: Aw sure! Anything for my loving fan! [brandishes a pen and writes her signature on his book]
Male Animaniacs Fan: Thanks!
Dot: And I hope Du like my fabulous hairdo! [gives her Fan a big KISS on the lips]
Male Animaniacs...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The following was requested Von Aldrine2016.

The Animaniacs went back to the park with their new friends, The Powerpuff Girls.

Yakko: Be careful with the statue though. It kicked us.
Wakko: All because we sagte hello to it.
Blossom: Well, it doesn't seem to be doing that anymore.
Yakko: Ah, good.

A laser hit the statue, making it melt.

Yakko: Uh, did one of Du three do that?
Blossom: No.
Buttercup: Where did that come from?
Bubbles: *Points up at the sky* Look!

Mojo Jojo was wearing a jetpack, and carrying two blasters.

Mojo Jojo: Haha!! I have returned to cause Mehr destruction, because I want to hurt...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Song: link

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A request from Aldrine2016

Yakko And Brick

The song fades away as we focus on a place called Townsville. Brick, the leader of The Rowdyruff Boys, has left his Friends behind, needing a break from them.

Brick: Hollywood, here I come! And goodbye to those two nitwits, Boomer, and Butch.
Boomer & Butch: *Playing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered*

Meanwhile in Burbank California.

Yakko: Seriously, can't Du be Mehr creative? Burbank is overrated.
Dot: They even named a cat after it in Lethal Weapon.
Wakko: I thought Du were too busy obsessing over Mel Gibson...
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posted by AnimaniacsFan1
I'm Nobody's Mama, got no family.
I'm a career cat and my career is all about me.

No one can tie me down, I'm goin' places straighten up, don't make those silly, sad face, it's rude. All right, I'll get food.

But that's it, after that you're on your own.

I'm too independent, they're so small. Now could I care for them, do I care at all?

I could never stand "Help me, Mama, feed me, Mama, need me, Mama, don't leave me, Mama!" I'd never tolerate that.

On the other hand, "Oh, my Mama, I Liebe you, Mama, I will never leave you, Mama."

No, Du got the wrong cat!
And did I mention, they want too much attention?!

I worry about 'em each Tag every minute,
I gotta tell Du my head isn't in it!

I won't let my herz talk cause it's ruled Von my biological clock which is tickin' away!
No way, I mean what I say!
I'm single cat stray!
I'm Nobody's Mama!!!
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Source: Copyright to Steven Spielberg and others.
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