Alucard and Seras Victoria Reasons prooving that Alucard and Seras are a couple.

flaming-wave666 posted on May 06, 2011 at 04:56PM
Exibit 1: Alucard saves seras from a ghoul and starts flirting with her.
Exibit 2: He turns her into a vampire and brings her back to hellsing,
Exibit 3: he says to her "This was a perfect night right?" meaning it was perfect because he met her.
Exibit 4: he only cares about his master as much as her.
Exibit 5: Alucard respects Integra, BUT its far from love.
Exibit 6: He constantly winds Integra up. As seen in eps 8 and 12.
Exibit 7: integra insults alucard by saying about the chipped vampires.
Exibit 8. Alucard tells seras to drink his blood so that she can be free from his hold over her. no vampire deserves to be kept as a slave to the humans.
Exibit 9: He bends down to help her up when she's hurt by Anderson; a clear sighn of him caring for her.
Exibit 10: he encourages her to drink by devouring kim infront of her. that gives her the push she needs.
Exibit 11: He saves Seras from being hit from Andersons sword in ep 7. And then saves her again by ploughing his familiers into Anderson.
Exibit 12: He tells her to enjoy the massacare; that it alone will make you strong Which to me implies that she doesn't need his blood to be a true vampire; thus still wanting to keep her as his sevant (or mate.)
Exibit 13: He shows his disgust when the priest was holding her hostage. He barged in just as he was about to drink from her and says "I've had enough of you. God dammed punk!" Or in japanese "that's enough! Punk!"
Exibit 14: He looks deeply into victoria's eyes and see's just what a sweet girl she is.
Exibit 15: in the opening credits; seras appears first when showing all the characters that alucard knows. First its her...THEN integra, then walter and so on.
Exibit 15: He tells her to run in a loving voice when he 'apparantly' died.
Exibit 16: He saves her and regenerates her when she's dying in ep 13. He then WAITS for her to wake up before disappearing to battle. Whe she see's him she says "my master...." And he responds in a romantic and affectionate way by saying "yet another beautiful moonlit night." A red sky night like the one when they first met. She responds my smiling . He then SLOWLY disappears with his gaze still on her. she says "he's not human." In a joking way, affectionate way amiling.
Exibit 17: He tells her to run when she finds him in battle. He wasn't smiling as usual. He was serious and you could see the concern in his eyes.
Exibit 18: (in the ova) He smiled pervertedly at her when she pulls up her nightshirt.
Exibit 19 (also in the ova) he smiles lustfully at her when she shows her vampiric rage and when she moaned while going to lick her hand.
Exibit 21 (moving back to the anime)There are thousands of alucard and seras fans, fan drawings, communities and stories, doujinshi's etc. in both japan and America (I'm neither one I'm Lithuanian)
Exibit 22 He says he belongs to integra and her family; but that's only because he is bound by her fathers contract.
Exibit 23: in ep 3 integra says "the hellsing family don't need a vampire bested by a regenerator" He snickers while he frowns as if to say "Who does that bitch think she is." He probably only offeref her his blood casue she's recovering from surgery.
Exibit 24: He says seras name (seras....) before he 'dies'. Before she licked his blood....which doesn't change her at all by the she's still his servant.
Exibit 25: He always watches her when she drinks her blood from another room. And when she doesn't drink he scolds her because he cares about her.
Exibit26: sired in hellsing means turn a human into a vampire as seen in ep 8. When Helena asks seras if she was 'sired' (in Japanese) or 'turned' (In English) By alucard. It doesn't mean he's her father, despite his paternal attitude. He's just teaching her and molding her into a mate worthy of him.
 Exibit 1: Alucard saves seras from a ghoul and starts flirting with her. Exibit 2: He turns her into
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr NightStalker666 said…
Nice... O.O
I have to agree with every single reason of yours... >.<
 Nice... O.O I have to agree with every single reason of yours... >.<
Vor mehr als einem Jahr flaming-wave666 said…
Hehe... Thanx! You know how much I love this pairing and want to make them be a coupe xD
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DeepSorrowDawn said…
No argues here! Totally perfect! <3
Just lets not forget how they act! They never acted exacitally like master & servant! They liked each other like something more. It was very obvious!
 No argues here! Totally perfect! <3 Just lets not forget how they act! They never acted exacitally L
Vor mehr als einem Jahr flaming-wave666 said…
Lol, thanx! And yeah we can never forget that! <3
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DRAGOREX said…
You should also have said that when Seras came to and he said and yet another beautiful moonlit night he was in a way refering to Seras because he only ever called it a beautiful night when he turned her and that night at the tower of London.IM AGUY BY THE WAY!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr flaming-wave666 said…
It's in Exibit 3. It was how he said in the Japanese version. =3
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Numb_Skull-48 said…
What episode is Exhibit 19?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr VampirefromHell said…
Also, Peter Pan was in love with Tiger Lily (Seras' codename was Tiger Lily while Sir Integra's was Wendy). Wendy was in love with Peter Pan but nothing ever happened between them. Peter Pan (Alucard) has more of a chance with Tiger Lily than Wendy.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr AnonyMouse1412 said…
Though quite unrelated, Tiger Lily is just one of the people who had a crush on Peter Pan. Peter on the other hand has a long history of crushing/falling in love with daughters of the Darling family. Though it was not written if he fell in love with Wendy Darling(I think not).
Vor mehr als einem Jahr janeswurld said…
this really blew my mind so sad now. I was shipping them so hard :( but when i saw the last scene. When Integra says shes older it really did remind me of peter pan. :'(
vor 7 Monaten AnidrauSan said…
Ik this post is already old but I wanted to write that I agree with you 100% in my opinion from the beginning it was clear that seras feels something to alucard not only father daughter relationship and im soo happy cause i love this couple so much.