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General Information
Name: Bernard
Gender: Male
Age: 13 (Very old for wolves)/ about 80 in human years
Species: Grey Wolf
Subspecies: British Columbian Wolf
Height: 5 foot 5 inches
Weight: 140 pounds

Hobbies, Skills, and Personality
Personality: Grumpy and Stoic, however emotional when left alone/with those he loves
Skills: Though not many people know Bernard, let alone his Favorit activities and hobbies, it has been made very vocal from Bernard himself that he loves to create sculptures out of terracotta clay. His sculptures typically depict his deceased lover Michelle however some depict Mehr typical...
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The General featured in A&O 10 originally served in Kuwait and was a veteran of Desert Storm.

Before entering the military, he had excelled in karate as a young adult and was a very capable fighter with just his hands, being able to disarm someone in a matter of Sekunden and was also an incredibly agile gymnast, easily capable of backflpping whenever he pleased.

This combination of karate and gymnastics made him an exceptional opponent, able to easily avoid an attack and swiftly deliver a spin-kick of deadly proportions.

During Desert Storm, however, he Lost many of his fellow comrades, most...
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