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This Alpha und Omega foto might contain stock-car, lagerwagen, stockcar, and autorennen.

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Summary: Valentines Tag story! After starting a family Kate and Humphrey could use some time together again after devoting all of it to their pups. They don't mind not having alone time anymore but as the winter comes to a close aunt Lilly steps in and decides that they need a break from the pups for one night. *Short Story*

A/N: Happy early Valentine's Tag everyone, and to celebrate I decided to write a little story for Du all to enjoy. This takes place a Monat oder two after the events of A&O 2, which make this my first story to build off of it.

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*wind blows* it didnt take long for the west to fall of course Du werent there to see it. but Du passed on something to us your hope courage and your strength to rise to the challenge but your body and ashes belong to the west. *wind blows again* *gunfire* *faint voices* *bagpipes play* hutch: 10 hut! *21 diferent gunshots* eve:*crying* whyd they have to die! it was only a couple days from when a great alpha had fallen...... winston. from the cover of darkness tradgedy struck it was november 23rd an eastern sniper was perched on a cliff winston continued walking the took winstons neck the...
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"Jet, Jet!!" Jake came sprinting into my room. I sat up on my bett and rubbed my eyes. "What?" Jake had a bad expression on his face that didn't look good. "Jet the house is on fire!" The smoke started entering my room blocking my nasil cavity and stuffing up my nose. It was entering my eyes causing my eyes to water, the burning and stinging was intense. Then my throat felt as if I was scratched on the inside of my throat. "Come on Jake lets get out of here!", we ran down the hall to where the bathroom was but was blocked off Von debris so we headed the other way. Each cut into a different room...
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The Liebe That Never Was 1

"Jet!" I was startled an got on my feet as fast as I could, "Wait wha... who's there?” Kate giggled a bit, "It's me silly". I lie back down, sigh a bit, "Couldn't have like five Mehr minutes." My eyes were blinded Von some sunlight that found its way in my den. I rubbed my eyes and just got on clothes for the day. Kate was already ready in her skirt; she had a plain T-shirt exposing some of her stomach. 2 weeks, 2 weeks! 2 weeks from today we will be getting married. We walked outside holding hands; I felt her soft paw giving me a sweet sensation. She put on her helmet,...
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It has been years since Garth had passed away and Lilly had forgotten completely. I was now her mate, and it would be like that for eternity! Lilly and I met when I was taking Garth's body away from what happened. He got into some shit with grizzly bears. I found him laying on the ground with *three* legs! It was very disturbing. He groaned and sagte to me, "take good care of Lilly, Gerald... I know Du will be good for her..." I replied with tears in my eyes, "no Garth! Du can't die, Du can't!" He then put his paw on my shoulder and said, "Gerald, It is my time..." Then I couldn't feel him...
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