Alice im Wunderland (2010) RPG Needs Du =) Come and Mitmachen the fun

RPGmoony posted on Apr 14, 2010 at 07:41AM
Hello all,

Angeldew is in search of a Red Queen, March Hare, Lord Ascot, Hamish Ascot & Many more!

Make sure you're there in time for the Celebration of Frabjous Day, because the white Queen is throwing a party 8D!

Angeldew focusses on the three worlds: Underworld (Of which Underland/Wonderland is part) - MiddleWorld and the world of Mount Olympus. Join sides at:


If you have troubles signing up go here: link

You can find the faceclaims under 'Home', and the current plot and more details are all on the front page.

I'd love to see you there <3

All Alice in Wonderland and Xena/Hercule characters are official. Multifandom RPG and textbased on ning. Join in on the fun!

Taken Characters:
- Alice Kingsleigh
- Tarrant (Mad) Hatter
- White Queen Mirana
- Ilosovic Stayne

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