Alice im Wunderland (2010) Remember when...

Juliana_House posted on Apr 11, 2010 at 04:28PM
Remember when this movie was first announced? Tim Burton to direct, and Johnny Depp to play the Mad Hatter?

Rebmember when the first picture of Tarrant was 'Leaked?' and no one was sure if it was real or not?

Remember when the 'First Draft' of the script was leaked?

When pictures from the first day on the set were released?

Those were the good days.
But do you remember how excited you were about it all?

Now that it's out...was it worth all of the anticipation?? (For me...YOU BET IT WAS!!)

What's you're favorite 'Remember when' moment?

 Remember when this movie was first announced? Tim burton to direct, and Johnny Depp to play the Mad H

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Juliana_House said…
big smile
A few more, for example;

Remember when the Official Website was launched? I was on it all day...

Remember when the teaser trailer was released? Oh wow, I had a heart attack!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Mysteriamoon said…
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I remember when I first saw the poster. I was walking along, minding my own business, looked up at the window of a movie store, and saw the poster. I screamed. It was literally in my face, a huge picture of Tarrant, and it was terrifying. Ah, that was a good day...

I remember when the website was up. My dad had to threaten to ground me for a month if I didn't get off by ten o'clock at night.

I remember when Juliana_House posted a picture from the Horunvendush Day. I think there actually were some tears on the keyboard.

I remember waiting outside the theater for the first showing on Marh 5th. I was freaking out so much, and my friend was like "Okay, calm down. Everyone's staring at us."

I remember fitting a couple of Irish dance steps to the Futterwacken music. Boy, that was fun!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr HattersHat said…
I remember seeing this huge poster of the Mad Hatter at the cinema and all I could do was to stare (and wish that this one would hang on MY wall)

I remember being on youtube for days only for watching the trailers and listening to them on my mp3 player when I was on my way to school. I knew them inside out

I remember the way to the cinema:
when I had my HatterHat on, some make-up und my hair was standing away... My friend and I so curious about the movie... I was sitting in the train and the man next to me asked me if I have a teapot and a teacup with me
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Frizzhead said…
the day for me was the 3 pictures of the red queen white queen and the hatter that were released.From that day till the premiere i was on this spot every day updating and adding links etc
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Frizzhead said…
When obluix made the countdown to 5th of March 2010. I was counting the days religously and posting picks like 88 days to go how do you feel about that?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr sugarcane15 said…
I remember the trailer of the nightmare before chritmas
Vor mehr als einem Jahr xxLovettxx said…
big smile
I remember when I first saw the trailer and thought OMG WOW!!!I know now that I wasnt dissapointed and for me it surpassed all my expectations!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr xxLovettxx said…
Oh and also when I heard that Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burtons kids were gonna have a little role in it. When I saw the film it was like spot the kids lol. I finally saw them in the last scene...."Awwww!!!!!!"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Mallymkun13 said…
I remember when my mom get mad with me cause i watch the movie 2 times in the movie because i fall in love so much and i cant wait to have the movie, i've got to watch it again...
I remember when my friend called me weird when i said i was in love with tarrant xp but i still are, best caracter of johnny ever <3
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ttyla said…
I remember when I watched the movie for the second time. That was when I realized that I love tarrant as a character. I remember when I realized there was a love connection between hatter and Alice. I remember getting so obsessed with hatterXalice that I wrote a book with a friend. Then realized that this hatter in the book was too old so I wrote an independant one. I remember realizing how/why some girls find JD cute.... And then me finally realizing that I was obssessed w/ JD, too. I remember when I decided to make my independant novel into a series called The Wonderlandian Chronicles. I remember when I listened to video every night before going to sleep and now only have the outlandish and hat list to memorize and comprehend. (that is all the way up-to-date).
The last thing I will forever and always remember is that ALICE IN WONDERLAND 2 IS BEING WRITTEN!!!!!! >dies screaming from glee<