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Just a short clip~
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it was a normal Tag in the akatsuki. Konan was practicing origami, Deidara was blowing things up behind the base, Tobi was bugging deidara. The rest of the members were sitting watching TV. Hidan and kakuzu were in one of their arguments again. “well I don't see why I can't do rituals in our room, I deserve rights too.”hidan sagte angrily. “you can't because Du always get blood all over everything!” kakuzu snapped. “i do not!” hidan yelled back. “besides, your the one who leaves money lying everywhere.” Pein turned to hidan and kakuzu and punched them both in the head. “will...
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When Itachi Loved Pickles

Itachi loved his pickles,

more than any other dared.

He ate them with pleasure everyday,

without a single care.

He crunched into them slowly,

and savored every bite.

Then drank the sauer, saure juice,

and did so with delight.

His fingers smelled of vinegar,

his hair in disarray.

For all he ever did in life,

was eat pickles everyday.

His mouth began to turn bright green,

from his teeth unto his tongue.

His life was seeming out the door,

and then the door glocke rang.

There stood an elderly woman,

with hair so stiff and gray.

She gave Itachi a smile and said,

"Hello sir, good day."

Itachi stared at...
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Du get it i know Du do !
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“I should have been the one left in charge. I’m the Akatsuki treasurer after all.” Itachi replied to Kakuzu, “Pein doesn’t want Du turning the base into a casino like last time.” Kakuzu muttered something under his breath and sat back down with the other Akatsuki members as Itachi continued. “Anyway Konan and Pein went to a spa retreat for some… privacy.” Tobi raised his hand. “Yes Tobi?” Tobi stood up. “Why didn’t they bring Tobi? Tobi is a good boy.” Hidan chuckled. “Because Pein wanted to be a dirty boy.” Tobi pointed at himself. “Tobi can be a dirty boy.”...
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