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I don't really update this anymore! If Du really want to see ALL the songs click link.

Adventure Time Theme

Adventure time,
Come on grab your friends,
We'll go to a very distant land,
Jake the dog,
and fin the human,
The fun will never end,
Its adventure Time!




Adventure Time Ending Theme
Come along with me
And the Schmetterlinge and bees
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please.
Come along with me
To a cliff under a tree

Adventure Time Ending Theme (original)
Come along with me
To a town beside the sea
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please.
Come along with me
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posted by titanicdragon
Author's note

Leixie is a 16 with violett eyes, dirty blonde hair and is 5ft'3in tall. She loves reading, wrinting , Singen and swim when she not practice dragonspeak, battle moves. Best Friend: Lightning dragon sliver 14 years old very portative of Lexie Boyfriend: Victor Vampie deep loves Lexie do anything for her Lightning and him don't like each other very much.

Lexie lives in village caves on the edge of oo. She tough warrior has a cople of battle scars. She is alwaystrying to make the world a better place.

"Lexie,Where are you?" asked Lighning

"Up Here" she anwered from the blacksmiths cave....
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posted by stellamusa101
Well a lot of people have been saying “Why do Du hate PB? You're crazy!” (well, my Friends at school) and “Why do Du like the teen vampire Marceline?”. And also here people want to know why. So I guess I should let out my opinion!

Princess Bubblegum – I hate her
Well my first reason would be because she's too full of herself…and if I correctly in "The Duke" when she turned [completely] green, she was SO worried, she cares about her skin too much. My other reason would be because she's too girly and scientific for me– this is an unpopular reason; I don't like her scientific ideas...
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posted by fiolee1233
Alright so like two weeks Vor was the premier of the Sekunde Fionna and Cake titled "Bad Little Boy". Being a huge Fan of Marshall lee and Fionna ( hence my username) I was just a little bit disappointed with the episode.

I got really pissed off at the first part when Ice King started telling the story but I got really exited when Marceline came into the story. But, there was a problem for me, I knew that the episode would be a lot shorter now with the cut scene into the "real world".

I think that the best part of Adventure Time's "Bad Little Boy" was the song ( and actually hearing Marshall...
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Finn: Glob Jake! I'm starving! I want....

Jake: It's adventure time! *does a Derp face and pushes his jowls up his ears*

Finn: Don't EVER do that again. That *says in a corny way* "It's adventure time!" Saying is pissing me off. Jake, I'm 17. You're.....I don't even know. don't need to. That well that is....*chuckles darkly and grins like Ice King*

Finn: Alright then.....*rolls eyes* Want to go to the Süßigkeiten Kingdom and eat some thing.

Jake: Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I'm a girl.....*pulls out a tutu and wears it* Do I look pretty?

Finn: No Kommentar Jake. Just no comment.

Jake: *throws...
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Fry Song (It came from the Nightosphere)

Daddy, why did Du eat my fries?
I bought them, and they were mine.

But Du ate them, yeah, Du ate my fries...

And I cried, but Du didn't see me cry.

Daddy, do Du even Liebe me?

Well, I wish you'd Zeigen it, 'cause I wouldn't know it...

What kind of dad eats his daughter's fries,

And doesn't look her in the eyes?

Daddy, there were tears there; if Du saw them would Du even care?

Journal Song (Marcelines Closet)
Hello Journal, it's me, it's been a while since we've talked-
about my life and stuff.
Let's start with my feelings about my friends.
Oh, wait, I- don't-...
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posted by IsabellaFanboy
This is a multiplayer zombie fighting survival game where all the survivors must work as a team to survive...

Beta players will start with few items they had before due to storyline

-Everyone can join!
Please Mitmachen at the link
If Du played the beta of this game before... Du still have to introduce yourself...

The story takes place in post-apocalyptic Earth. The story will live on after we start playing...

Yes there will be Mehr survivors... and I will play their role... people are most likely to Mitmachen our team if we are successful

for example:
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Adventure Time: Distant Lands, a four-part special, is set to Zeigen on June 25, 2020 at HBO Max.

Here's a link Wird angezeigt the first part named after the titular game-boy "BMO".

From the link:
"HBO Max is taking us back to the Land of Ooo with four new Adventure Time specials, billed as Adventure Time: Distant Lands; the one-hour episodes will reunite Fans with characters from the original series, which wrapped its 10-season run on Cartoon Network in 2018."

Alongside familiar faces such as our hero Finn and his stretchy dog Jake, there are new guys joining alongside. Watch the trailer and judge for yourself whether they'll fit!
The Titel of this Artikel is also a Titel of a Umfrage that i have just read and commented.

So,let get this straight. In my opinion,Flame king IS EVIL. Why? The answer is very easy, simple just that u guys dont notice it, Du guys always see him as a GOODDDDDDD father, he always protects his daughter and wants her to have a decent prince to be with her but DONT U GUYS NOTICE THAT HE KILLED HIS BROTHER TO CLAIM THE THRONE, HE ALMOST KILLED FINN & JAKE, HE WANTED that decent prince was a evil prince so that his daughter could be EVIL like him? And when he found out that prince wasnt evil, he...
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posted by makemesmile1000
Okay, before we proceed, I just want to say that this Fan fiction is not meant to be taken seriously so don't take it seriously. If Du ignore this and take the Fan fiction seriously and begin flaming up, then I'm sure I would sincerely apologize, and also not taking your Kommentare seriously at the same time.
Enough gibberish: Here we go!!

It was such a bright and lovely Tag in the Land of Ooo. The golden sun rays warmed the ground. The wind gently blew Von as the birds flew and sang... What a perfect Tag to be outside doing outdoors activities...

Princess Bubblegum had just finished her breakfast,...
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posted by True-Finn-Fan
it was crafted Von a low level Blacksmith with high level dreams. he it was his first sword he had made as a full time Blacksmith and not just an Apprentice. he crafted it to be sold to a high end adventurer in hopes of getting his name heard around town as a great sword maker. the merchant had already payed for it but money was not his primary concern... he wanted fame as a legendary Blacksmith, but the adventurer never came and he was stuck with it...

years past...
he was tired after a Tag of creating new swords and armor and decided to go through his old sword scrap pile... most of them had...
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Adventure Time Theory: Finn's Past,Part 3

Finn lays depressed in his bett staring at his ceiling. Each time he got up he forgot Jake would no longer be there to follow him to the bathroom oder beg for sandwich meat when he opened the fridge. The sad truth was Jake was dead. And he was never coming back. Ever. Finn sighs,he felt like his herz was crushing his chest. Like he was trapped 1,000 leagues under the sea and he couldn't get back to the surface. "....I can' this...." he mutters,going downstairs to the bathroom. Jake had died 4 months Vor and he was still depressed about it. He takes...
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posted by dadadas
A very intersesting,fan - made,incompleted comic Press "CTRL" and key "+" to see clearly
posted by finnlovePB
hello diary this is me finn alot of people being fighting over who would i go with even i,can't choose, i'll think about it hmm how about fp shes hot and at my age but i cant live being always burned, PB too old for me if only there were no zitrone grab she can be 13 forever,marcilline have the same like of adventures but she looks like young but i know she's 1000 years old and have no likes on me hmm who should i choose hmm.......jake:hey finn what are Du doing!!Finn:NOTHING jake:is that your diary finn: NO well whats in there finn:I ALREADY sagte NOTHING jake:*stares on finn*........... works for me good night finn Finn:shooo that was a close one and dear diary jake almost see my diary good night.
This is not mine it belongs to Sonic2125 on deviantArt I just felt like this needs to be seen.

Flame Princess: The stars glows bright on the summer night,not a life to be seen A kingdom of desolation and it looks like I'm the queen

The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside, couldn't keep it in heavens know I tired

Don't let them in, Don't them see, be the bad girl Du always had to be Conceal don't feel, don't let them know well now they know

Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore Let it go, let it go, turn away and slam that door

I don't care what their going say, let the fire...
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posted by AngelicWaffle
Fionna sat at her windowsill, dreading the fact that she woke up. Outside the clinks of swords echoed throughout the landscape as they hit the ground, when it rained swords she couldn't do anything.
"What Du moping about girl?" Cat stood Weiter to Fionna, and passed her a cup of hot chocolate. Fionna took a sip, "Ugh! Cake Du should know! I can't go outside, and BMO's on holidays....!"
Cake stroked her chin thoughtfully, "How about we... Hmm..." Cake stopped halfway, "Practice fighting?" Fionna sighed, "We did that yesterday!"
The swords rained harder outside, and their clinks turned into clanks...
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posted by Raymantlegend
Just saying that for such a good Zeigen with so many Fans their are only a hand full of people who actually are active on this site :( which I think is a real shame:/ (these people will know who I'm talking about..) Not saying that everyone has to be so in your face with Foren and Antworten 'cause everyones different and some people don't feel so passionate about the cartoon I love. What I'm trying to say is that this site hasn't got much spirit although it should be truly legendary!! and I take my hat off to the few people keeping it alive! :D

Thanks for reading
Raymanthelegendary a.k.a. Josh
One Tag I was searching for a fanclub for Adventure Time online it took a while until I stumbled across this one. I thought it looked nice. And I sagte to myself "Yes a place where I won't we judged about my beloved fandom!" But when I found a lot of hate I said. "Oh." I wanted to be like. 'Why bother?' But I didn't I made it through. I was shy at first a scared girl to share her thoughts because she thought they didn't care. But along the way I realized Mehr and Mehr and Du guys are the ones who made me brave, made me not scared anymore, and I realized I can say what have wanted to say in a long time. And to this Tag I'm not scared anymore I can do most things I couldn't do today. So I thank Du all for helping me realize this is where I need to stay. And to all Du Fans out there don't be afraid to say something just go for it and hope for the best don't let your mind take full control because if Du do Du will end up like the old me scared and speechless.
The Earl of Lemongrab is one of the characters from Adventure Time, along with Finn and Jake. Here are ten facts about the character. Did Du know all of them? Let us know below if Du know any more!

1. The Earl was "born" in Princess Bubblegum's laboratory. He was created so that he could rule the Süßigkeiten Kingdom if the Princess ever became unable to do so.

2. When he found out that Princess Bubblegum was "too young" to rule the kingdom, the Earl travelled to her schloss on his zitrone Camel, immediately declared her schloss to be in "UNACCEPTABLE CONDITION," and threatened to send all of the residents...
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posted by emarld-archer
I listened to the recording over again, editing the volume of the bass line. The song was average, in my musically cultured opinion, but it was the most liked one on my Facebook page so I was obliged to cover it. I'd tried to do a little fanservice (not like that, jeez) Von posting three beliebt songs on my page and asking everyone to like which one they wanted me to cover. I was collecting Mehr and Mehr followers every day, and it's been great to see how much my Profil is growing. Might not even need a label in the end. oder if I do, they'll be the ones calling me.

There was an issue with the...
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