Adam Sandler Press Release of 'I Now Pronounce Du Chuck and Larry.'

lizzielewis posted on Aug 22, 2007 at 11:28AM

I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY UK Release Date September 21, 2007

Genre: Comedy
Cast: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Jessica Biel,
Ving Rhames with Steve Buscemi and Dan Aykroyd
Directed by: Dennis Dugan
Writers: Lew Gallo, Barry Fanaro and Alexander Payne &
Jim Taylor
Produced by: Tom Shadyac, Michael Bostick, Jack Giarraputo,
Adam Sandler, Jim Brubaker
Executive Producers: Barry Bernardi, Lew Gallo

Adam Sandler (Click) and Kevin James (Hitch) team as two straight guys who stumble down the aisle with the best of intentions in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Chuck Levine (Sandler) and Larry Valentine (James) are the pride of their fire station: two guy’s guys always side-by-side and willing to do anything for each other. Salt-of-the-earth widower Larry wants just one thing: to protect his family. His buddy Chuck also wants one thing: to enjoy the single life.
Grateful Chuck owes Larry for saving his life in a fire, and Larry calls in that favor big time when civic red tape prevents him from naming his own two kids as his life insurance beneficiaries. All that Chuck has to do is claim to be Larry’s domestic partner on some city forms. Easy. Nobody will ever know.
But when an overzealous, spot-checking bureaucrat becomes suspicious, the new couple’s arrangement becomes a citywide issue and goes from confidential to front-page news. Forced to improvise as love-struck newlyweds, Chuck and Larry must now fumble through a hilarious charade of domestic bliss under one roof. After surviving their mandatory honeymoon and dodging the threat of exposure, the well-intentioned con men discover that sticking together in your time of need is what truly makes a family.

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