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Bill Perry, a man from the WW2 days, talks about his life. Like creature comforts, it's based on an actual conversation and there's lots of jokes.
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This is for my Liste of Aardman Villains Evil To Most Evil list,

The Least Evil
*(The Gold Medal for the Least Evil): Agent Red (A Shaun The schaf, schafe Movie: Farmaggedon, 2019), Because She has a genuinely tragic backstory and She redeems herself at the end.
*(The Silver Medal for the Least Evil): Preston (A Close Shave, 1995), Because he was originally programmed to be a Benevolent Cyberdog Von Wendolene Ramsbottom’s late father, But he was malfunctioned and have gone berserk, Eventually Wendolene Ramsbottom did reprogramming him for benevolent and redeemable reasons.
*(The Bronze Medal for the Least...
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