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andy10B hat mir Props gegeben für my videos

Please answer and Kommentar on my Umfrage about dresses thank Du gepostet vor einem Monat
uploaded900 Kommentiert…
Voted! vor einem Monat
uploaded900 sagte über Disney-Prinzessin
Guys if Du want 2D Animation to continue on, please watch the My Little pony movie! Being the MLP Fan I am, I actually loved it, although I'm not too sure if it's something most people here would get out of their way to do. gepostet vor einem Monat
KataraLover Kommentiert…
I've been getting into the Zeigen and I'm pretty close to being done with season 3. It's a really good show! I wanna see it because the Animation is gorgeous and I want 2D Animation to come back! I'm surprised it's not getting Mehr in the box office because this franchise is pretty popular. vor einem Monat
uploaded900 sagte über BTS
I don't even like K-Pop, but guess who became part of the Army. Yep it's me. Jungkook is my bias btw gepostet vor 4 Monaten