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  • Female, 15 years old
  • I want to travel to anywhere where BTS is, to meet my bias, V <3
  • Favorite TV Show: Do Du know what purple means? It means that i will Liebe Du and trust Du forever ~ V
    Favorite Movie: "You're too young to let the world break you" ~ BTS
    Favorite Musician: BTS!!!! (V, RM, Jungkook, J-hope, Jin, Jimin, SUGA) <3 :D
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Lusamine hat mir Props gegeben für my comments
Wow, Du know Mehr than I expected Du to. California has always had horrible wildfires because they've been in the middle of a drought for years. They are one of the most successful economies in the whole world and they're only one state, so they could easily secede from the US if they wanted to. In fact they do want to, but it's so hard to legally secede now after the Civil War. And the wildfires are a massive problem. They need help from us to survive those. gepostet vor 8 Stunden
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But if they built the resources over the years, they probably could manage. But I digress. That is all just hypothetical after all. Yeah, the South is known for its agriculture while the north is known for its manufacturing and such, but you'll still find factories in the South and farms in the North. It's much harder to grow crops in the cold North though, which is why the yield is lower. I'm a social studies kid so hit me up if Du have any Fragen like this lmao. vor 8 Stunden
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But to answer your question, California had some long-term fires recently, yes. One feuer was an act of arson, but most were entirely unintentional and caused Von the drought. vor 8 Stunden
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I live in northeast Georgia right on the South Carolina border. vor 8 Stunden
Lusamine hat mir Props gegeben für my comments
It's interesting the kind of things Du can find out about people when Du actually go out of your way to talk to them. Yeah, the West is very agrarian, but the South is just as much if not more. It's because we have a consistently hot climate and Mehr fertile soil. Nobody tops the California agriculture though. Nobody can beat them in anything except feuer safety . . . doubt you'll get that joke. gepostet vor 8 Stunden
Lusamine hat mir Props gegeben für my comments
See, that's what happens. If Du try to involve yourself in people's lives, they'll want to be involved in yours. Took me years to break out of my shell and now I'm pretty extroverted. Before I was diagnosed and treated for my mental illness, I was a total introvert, but over the years I've managed to unleash the real me. I'm glad FFA is Mehr lax there because it sure as hell ain't here. 4H is a very well-known, easy-to-join group here. Probably because the Deep South is very agricultural. gepostet vor 9 Stunden
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I don't eat meat and never will again. I haven't even touched any since July of last year, and it's gonna stay that way. Of course I have no problem with meat-eaters as long as they don't take it for granted. vor 9 Stunden