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For guessing! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Describe these three warrior directly and I will give Du three props-

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Cloudstar was the leader of SkyClan. He led SkyClan to find a new Home when the twolegs took over their territory. But, sadly, the clan got broken up. Spottedleaf was thunderclan's med. cat when Firestar first arrived to the clan. She was killed Von Tigerstar's rouge allies, I think it was clawface who killed her? She's a tourtoiseshell with amber eyes. Oakheart was Crookedstar's brother. He was also Bluestar's mate. He and Bluestar had three kits, Stonefur, Mistyfoot, and Mosskit. He was killed in a rock fall, mainly caused Von Tigerstar. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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----)--O-(---- Are Du a Fan of StormClan?
--/----C----\--Then send this to 5 people for luck!
--\ __N__/---- For 5 is StormClans lucky number!
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