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silver_fox sagte über Dan Howell
i feel like this website isnt tht famous but i wish it was /: gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Im confused if theyre getting back together at the moment, i mean i doubt it but the hope is there gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
2ntyoneplts Kommentiert…
I’m so sorry but... no. They’re not. :( vor 10 Monaten
I remember when my friend first showed me this band and i loved it way too much, my first Favorit song Von them was the boy who could fly. i dont know if any of Du would Liebe this as much as i do but a few days Vor i was up at 3am and i found this guy named austin jones who did acapella king for a Tag and he also did the black parade Von mcr. I Liebe it SoO much. OmGfndsopfndsoap anyone should listen to it if they arent lazy enough to look it up gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr