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panther-jewel sagte …
Caroline: "Damon, I gave Du that halskette because it is as powerful and as magical as the Liebe that Du and Elena have for each other. Being here and feeling what you’re feeling proves that a Liebe that deep and real can win over anything. […] Fight for her. oder spend the rest of eternity trying to figure out what happened to the best part of you. It’s your choice." [VIII,9] gepostet vor einem Monat
panther-jewel Kommentiert…
Damon: "I’m not risking my future with Elena. […] And I want my future with Elena." [VIII,11] vor einem Monat
panther-jewel Kommentiert…
Damon: "I’m trying to preserve my future with Elena." [VIII,13] vor einem Monat
panther-jewel Kommentiert…
Damon: "My redemption is within reach. I just need the people I love. The Liste is short. But profound. You’re right at the top. Alongside with a great girl I hope to marry one day. Don’t walk away from your Liste because Du think you’re not worth it." [VIII,14] vor einem Monat
panther-jewel Kommentiert…
Stefan to Damon: "I hope I get to see Du have this one Tag with Elena. Wedding. Human life. All of it." [VIII,15] vor einem Monat
Yume-san hat mir Props gegeben für my answers
Hello, sorry for not responding for months, I was quite busy and couldn't find some time to log in here and stay a bit longer... Hope you've been doing well! Thank Du very much ^^ Oh how is your "new" work going so far? Are Du satisfied?
That's fine, I don't mind. Haha it's okay, actually a friend of mine is really obsessed with the TV series as well LOL Oh I see, yeah there are tons of Zufällig people but I don't mind that, though I don't really have time to chat with them all. gepostet vor einem Monat
Yume-san Kommentiert…
Hmm I see, well I remember not liking Stefan. Hmm well at least the couple had a nice ending. Yeah I agree with you. They really had a great chemistry. Oh well that's good to know then. I thought they ended up their relationship on bad terms, but yeah I also hope they still respect each other and I'm glad if they are now happy with their lives. Different life styles of two Liebhaber often lead to a break up which is normal and understandable. Everyone needs to be happy and do what they think they want with their life. vor einem Monat
Yume-san Kommentiert…
Ah I see, I wasn't that familiar with her life so I didn't know all that, but yes, it's indeed really selfish because she's done that. Yes, I'm really happy for Ian and Nikki. You're right. To be honest I've never heard of Nina Dobrev before nor seen her. I'm sorry because she disappointed Du that much and it's really a shame. Her immaturity explains her acts, but hopefully she's going to change eventually. How similar are Nina and Elena? vor einem Monat
Yume-san Kommentiert…
Ohh okay, sorry, I guess I misunderstood something. Don't worry, I tend to do that too actually so I know what Du mean and I'm not creeped out so Du can relax haha Don't worry, I'm curious and I understand and I know how one can get really into while talking about an obsession. I don't mind long messages, though the only thing that is kinda negative is because it takes some time to reply to them and I'm usually really tired so I always end up responding late. Sorry about that... vor einem Monat
Yume-san Kommentiert…
Von the way this is really random, but how do Du put a background Foto on Fanpop? vor einem Monat
Yume-san hat mir Props gegeben für my pop quiz questions
Thank Du very much :D Oh Du will Bewegen to New York? Yeah I get that. Haha of course I don't mind, I actually haven't noticed she responded a Monat ago. That's fine, my sister is like that when it comes to her obsessions so I got used to so it's not bothering me. Yeah well I'll see, I don't have much time to talk with many people on here. Haha yes, though I usually just thank them for adding me and that's it. Most of them reply on their profille oder never reply back. gepostet vor 4 Monaten
Yume-san Kommentiert…
Oh I see, it's good he developed. Yeah well honestly I always knew Delena was meant to be the main couple in the show. SE was Mehr something temporarily. I agree with you. Yes, I understand where you're coming from. Von the way, why Nina and Ian broke up in the first place? I mean I'm assuming they ended their relationship on bad terms. vor 4 Monaten