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remy_46 hat mir Props gegeben für my comments
Hi ojo! Thanks for a nice message. I'd not be offended Von a late reply oder think something bad of you. LOL Du can write me anything and anytime Du want no matter how long the message is, Du don't have to apologize. I'm happy for Du being my bro and that we can talk about Musik and just life. You're very sweet and kind person. Take care. ❤️ gepostet vor 5 Tagen
ojo_the_cowboy Kommentiert…
thank u ❤️ 🌸 vor 2 Tagen
ojo_the_cowboy sagte …
Oh july we meet again! gepostet vor 8 Tagen
remy_46 hat mir Props gegeben für my videos
Nice song and video. Also it's one of few tracks where Austin sings cleans (if not only one). I really fell in Liebe with their Musik and only thanks to you. :))) I'd probably never listen to them if Du didn't recommend me the band. Liebe their newest songs as well, "Mushroom Cloud" is so ridiculously good and heavy!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTojw1XQdbw gepostet vor einem Monat
remy_46 Kommentiert…
Btw, they're having a live Zeigen in Czech in August. BUT my brother won't travel 3 hours only to see 45 min concert.. just sayin, lol. vor einem Monat
ojo_the_cowboy Kommentiert…
Freakin hell, i Liebe austin's voice it's what make of mice and men, it what makes me listen to them it's kinda sad when he sagte he's leaving the band. Now i don't think there someone could replace his voice to sing their song like relentless, Du make me sick oder real. i Liebe that song and his voice is match to the songs. don't think Weiter album can make song like that again. dunno vor einem Monat
ojo_the_cowboy Kommentiert…
But i still support tho. I'd like to go konzert with my Friends than my brother coz i have no limits and can go crazy like bang my head up and down lol. vor einem Monat
remy_46 Kommentiert…
Liebe Austin's voice too and it's too sad he had to leave the band because of the illness. Aaron is a great singer as well and I support him because he's skilled and talented, Liebe his screams and cleans. I appreciate they still make heavy Musik when other bands change their style. vor einem Monat