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1012jackson hat mir Props gegeben für my answers
I know just how you're feeling. I've been recently cyber bullied Von people on here too. They called me all kinds of names. I've been called a dumpass, I've been called a bitch, slut, cunt, they've dropped the "f" bomb on my multiple times, I've been told to go to hell, and I've been told I'm not special. All of that really hurt my feelings. So unlike them, I have total empathy for you. I just hope they might sometime have empathy for Du and me. gepostet vor 2 Tagen
1012jackson Kommentiert…
^ I would have sagte this on your Frage but I didn't want them talking about me again vor 2 Tagen
noRAP Kommentiert…
Umm actually I deserve it, I am such a cunt. But Du don't deserve it because Du are a wonderful person and I Liebe Du so much. I will quickly hide Du behind me if someone comes to bully oder hurt Du 💖 vor 2 Tagen
1012jackson Kommentiert…
That makes me feel a lot better. Anyway, after that, I made a video about cyber bullying and gepostet it of course on YouTube. Then gepostet it here on two Clubs I'm a member of. The "stop cyber bullying" club and the "depression" club. vor 2 Tagen
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At least 10 people were killed and 10 people were wounded at a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas. Witnesses say that at around 7:30AM, the gunman stormed into an art class, yelled "Surprise!" and opened fire. They described him as wearing combat boots, a long mantel and a "Born To Kill" shirt.

President Trump says he'll do everything in his power to keep Pistolen out of the wrong hands. gepostet vor 6 Tagen
2ntyoneplts Kommentiert…
Ik about this... I’m absolutely shook because this school isn’t extremely far from where I live. Horrible. I hope a Trump takes it really seriously vor 5 Tagen
noRAP sagte über Zufällig
So fucking disgusting

A science teacher in Florida took his students outside and drowned two raccoons.

VIDEO gepostet vor 7 Tagen
wantadog Kommentiert…
DOOD! Infinity War spoilers! vor 7 Tagen
Riku114 Kommentiert…
No in Infinity Wars it was a fluffy rabbit vor 7 Tagen
wantadog Kommentiert…