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Gossip Girl

Is this a new oder old picture? I was watching the Vorschau for Weiter week, and I caught this. =]

3 answers | my answer: Is for the new episode 3.22
Gossip Girl

I just got into Gossip Girl and I gotta Frage for Fans here. When & who does Blair lose her virginity to?????

2 answers | my answer: To Chuck on 1.07 Victor/Victrola The best episode e...
Gossip Girl

who of u guys think serena is better than blair give me reasons plz

5 answers | my answer: Though Blair is my Favorit carachter and Serena re...
Vampire Academy

have any chance to Rose and Dimitri be together in the end?

3 answers | my answer: Yes, they have. I don't know which book are Du cur...
Vampire Academy

how do they become vampires?

3 answers | my answer: They are born, from moroi-moroi oder moroi-dhampir.