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Anime Characters with the CUTEST name!

126 answers | my answer: Momiji Sohma from Obst Basket He's also adorable!...

Which Hatsune Miku song oder any song from any Vocaloid makes Du cry? oder is really sad?

7 answers | my answer: Funeral blume Song~IA
Family Guy


39 answers | my answer: I don't hate Meg I actually think she's cool and fu...

When is your birthday?

39 answers | my answer: september 3rd 1999

How do I tell my best friend I'm bisexual

3 answers | my answer: Du should stay calm don't worry about it. my best...

Who is your Youtube crush? ( oder who would Du want to meet in real life?)

84 answers | my answer: My YouTube crush is the guy from the talking cat vi...
Sailor Moon

Favorite(s)Sailor Moon character

43 answers | my answer: makoto and raye are my faves!

Can Du guys give me your Favorit Disney Princess?

43 answers | my answer: Mulan
The Olympics

If Du could compete in any Olympic sport which one would it be?

36 answers | my answer: My most Favorit would be gymnastics,so i would com...

L comes to Du and tells Du he's getting married. He wants Du to help him pick out a tux. What is your reaction?

6 answers | my answer: I would say "You can only get married if it's to Li...