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Why is it that there are still peolple who still think that Toph and Sokka still got married, when Tenzin and Lin sagte they dated if Sokka was Lins father than Tenzin would be her cousin and I dont think they would have dated. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
lord1bobos Kommentiert…
good point Vor mehr als einem Jahr
bakes2389 Kommentiert…
Cousins used to Tenzin and Lin could have been related. Just throwing that out there. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
hungergames2013 Kommentiert…
Yeah but I doubt Nick would let them imply incest (as it is illegal, people that are related and have kids have genetic problems, and dating anyone your related to is generally frowned upon) and it`s illegal in most states to marry your cousin (and judging that this was made in America I don’t think they could get away with it). So I highly doubt that your reasoning would work. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
bakes2389 Kommentiert…
^ Obviously the reasoning wouldn't work.......I was just throwing that out there meaning that it is a possibility if the writers went that route. I don't think that personally. However, the definition of incest is "sexual relations with someone classed close to Du in bloodlines, ex: parent, sibling, child, grandparent." Technically cousins are not incest (as defined) as it was done frequently in the past and some cousins have fairly far bloodlines that are not very close at all. It is a minimal amount of blood shared between the it is plausible and could be done. Just because something is illegal doesn't mean that they cannot create a Zeigen with it. Look at all of the old English films that imply cousins marrying and American films that imply incest all the time. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Hi! ^^ gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
PersianDestiny sagte …
I know you're a Fan of The Hunger Games so I'm inviting Du to Mitmachen my group for Thresh and Rue.
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