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gfdcf sagte …
alright I mean this. don't expect me to be on here anymore. this place is kinda dead in the first place.but like I sagte I am mostly on da so for sure Du will find me there gepostet vor einem Monat
gfdcf sagte über gfdcf
Howdy y'all Sorry I haven't ben active here,but if Du want to find me I'm usally on my devian art account gepostet vor einem Monat
Seanthehedgehog sagte …
Du got a few things wrong. First off, his eyes are brown, not green. The same goes with his spikes, (they're just plain black) and stripes. However, I do appreciate what you've tried to do. gepostet vor einem Monat
gfdcf Kommentiert…
Thanks (^-^) I didn't know about the eyes but I wanted to add the green stripes cause I thought they would be cool XD vor einem Monat