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Can any one make an ice cream Liste of flavors? pretty please

7 answers | my answer: baskin robbins 1Pink Bubblegum 2York Peppermint P...

I need a name for a Sea Enchantress!!

7 answers | my answer: calvania dafeni

Should "The Choice" have a sad ending?

1 answer | my answer: YES it will be drama!

do u think that i am prittie? oder ugly?

9 answers | my answer: your 10 times pretty than my bff

so i like a guy, the same as my bestie. should i let him go?

2 answers | my answer: no!u should hold on maybe 1 Tag he will feel the sa...

How would Du describe a soul mate? For me its two halves of the same whole

4 answers | my answer: a mate that will be together with u 4ever

ami pretty enough 4 him?

12 answers | my answer: it really doesn't matter actually, just stay cool a...

Have Du ever been in Liebe with someone so deeply that once your herz was broken it was hard to turn back to the person Du were?

5 answers | my answer: I'm so sorry to hear that.. Don't let 1 guy make u...

how can someone mail a secret face book.if Du know,TELL ME!!!!!!!!!thx.

2 answers | my answer: Du can either send a message oder change your privac...

Do Du like my knitted cupcake?

30 answers | my answer: OMG!!!!!!i Liebe it!!i will pay Du 25 bucks just fo...