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SwordofIzanami sagte über Zufällig
Can someone please tiebreak the countdown Umfrage I have posted? I don't want to make a tiebreaker Umfrage and wait for a Tag oder two.

link gepostet vor 2 Tagen
Karoii-chan Kommentiert…
Hope that solves your issue! vor 2 Tagen
SwordofIzanami sagte über Zufällig
Am I lucky that one of my video game series had always released the games on my birthday month? Because I always had an excuse to buy as my birthday present. gepostet vor 4 Tagen
ben15delas Kommentiert…
That's awesome vor 4 Tagen
SwordofIzanami sagte über Zufällig
Just played BlazBlue: kreuz Tag Battle online against another player and he got salty then he called me a Spamming hündin for playing Nu-13 and he was the one who also played as Nu-13. Hypocrites these days. gepostet vor 13 Tagen
BlindBandit92 Kommentiert…
He needs to GET GUD vor 13 Tagen
TheLefteris24 Kommentiert…
^ GG, my Man !!!! vor 13 Tagen