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Harry Potter

Until now, I never really wanted to read the Bücher because I thought they might be too long to read but are they truly worth being read...?

21 answers | my answer: The Bücher include alot of the information Du were...
Harry Potter

What are George Weasley and Angelina's childrens names?

1 answer | my answer: Fred and Roxanne.
Harry Potter

Do Du think Ginny is a Mary Sue? And why?

4 answers | my answer: No. JKR has sagte in a few different interviews that...
Harry Potter

Can someone find me an image of Harry in the prefect's bath?

2 answers | my answer: Project...? If you're looking for pics of him on...
Harry Potter

It's a Great Idea.....Right?

7 answers | my answer: It IS a good idea. But the key is confidence. To p...
Harry Potter

who`s victoria from the ending 7 book?

5 answers | my answer: Du mean Victoire? She's the eldest child of Bil...
Harry Potter

HEEEEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP!!!! I am faily new to this, and I dont know how to add Fans to your profile, I will just mess my thing up again. I know it sounds dumb, but I hate fidling with my computer. Can anyone tell me how to add people I am a Fan of.

1 answer | my answer: Go to their Profil page, in the box on the left si...
Harry Potter

Did anybody saw the HP7 trailers that were updated on YouTube??

1 answer | my answer: Go quick before it's removed - link...
Harry Potter

Does anyone know if there will be Harry&Ginny KISS in one of the "Deathly hallows" movie? I hope so much it will be.

5 answers | my answer: According to Daniel Radcliffe there is.
Harry Potter

Do Du completely HATE David Yates now?! (read inside)

15 answers | my answer: Lol, such unnecessary anger. It's for the Horcr...