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RamsayB314 sagte über Game of Thrones
Am i the only person who goes for the Boltons? gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
aholic Kommentiert…
YES Du are! Ramsay (the only Bolton left!) enjoys killing and torturing. It's a sport for him. He killed his own family and who can trust a person like that? He cares for nothing but himself and his subjects will never rest as long as he is their leader. The Starks don't enjoy killing. They have been in situations where the circumstances forced them to do so... but they're not insane like Ramsay. They have the right values - they actually care for other people. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Articuno224 Kommentiert…
There are probably a few people out there who routes for the Bolton's like you, but yeah your definitely one of a very few Vor mehr als einem Jahr
RamsayB314 Kommentiert…
Liebe the Stockholm syndrome Du have there ;) Vor mehr als einem Jahr
RamsayB314 sagte über Game of Thrones
hello, why do so many people like Jon Snow so much? i can see why but why obsess about him? i am on season three right now and Ramsay and Tyrion are so far my favorite. Also is it only me who gets bored on the night watch plot? and obsess about Ramsay? is this wrong? plus Joffrey sucks. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Articuno224 Kommentiert…
I do agree somewhat about the Jon Snow thing, I never understood why he was a fan-favorite either, and I sometimes get bored with the night-watch plot too, but it get's Mehr interesting later, trust me! I think Du are one of the only people I have seen who obsess about Ramsay though, and to be honest I could never in my life even like him, everything he does and the way he acts just gets too much, he does everything too "extreme" he acts like a cartoon villain, and he makes Joffrey look like a sweet little boy. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
sarok Kommentiert…
Nah,ur n Ramsy was one of my fave charachter to😄 Vor mehr als einem Jahr
JAlanaE Kommentiert…
The Night's Watch plot is actually my favourite most of the time, but in the Bücher it's Mehr interesting than on the show. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
RamsayB314 sagte über Gotham
Who makes it,has no need for it
Who buys it, has no use for it
Who uses it can never see nor feel it
What is it? gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr