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Harry Potter

American Harry Potter fans, In the first movie...

7 answers | my answer: It was the Sorcerer's Stone.

does miley try to be like beyonce?

18 answers | my answer: That video shows that Miley is trying to pull a Bey...
Invader Zim

I NEED YOUR HELP!!! Guess what!!!!!!!!! Ok at school someone told me that cartoon network is willing to put Invader ZIM on only if they get enough requests!!!!!!!

34 answers | my answer: OMG!!!! YES!!!! YES, I will help out.

Is it weird to like someone for their personality and not for their looks.

12 answers | my answer: No. It's totally not weird. I am just like that wit...
Taylor schnell, swift

which song of taylor Du want to be happen in ur life????? :)

27 answers | my answer: Liebe Story oder Du Belong With Me. If only it ever c...

What are your thoughts on Nickelodeons current state?

10 answers | my answer: I just have one thing to say about it: I WANT MY...
Avatar – Der Herr der Elemente

if Du could master one of the four elements, what would it be?

45 answers | my answer: Water oder Fire.

Do Du think today's Musik is losing it's originality?

9 answers | my answer: When it comes to today's mainstream music, yes. In...
The 90s

Does anyone remember the cartoon Sailor Moon? OOMMGGG that was the shit right there haha

8 answers | my answer: OMG. I loved that show, as well as many others. I n...
The 90s

Do Du think that Nickelodeon should create a channel dedicated to their past TV shows from 1990-2004?

11 answers | my answer: HECK YES!!!!!!!!! They totally should. I live for t...